Monday, August 31, 2015


Is this thing on?

Does anyone still actually pay attention to this spot? I miss it. I miss blogging. I enjoyed the bit of my life thats extensively chronicled, and I keep meaning to start over but it just seems so daunting. I open up this blank white page and get tootallly overwhelmed by the blank white staring back at me. Do I even have a voice anymore? Does anyone want to listen? Do I care if I'm the only one who enjoys it?
I liked feeling like ther ewas a little community of bloggers. I cared about their lives and their weekends and while I've been reading constantly (just creeping and never commenting) it seems like 2/3 of the posts I see are trying to sell something (like..really 28yr old who posted about incontinence pads? seriously? unsubscribe) and I guess it gave me a nice excuse to never log back in.  

Maybe I'll give it another go. No promises. 
We all know i've promised to come back like a BILLION times and never did. 

oh, and because you should never have a post without a photo.. LOOK! it's our purty crest <3