Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 15 - Bumpdate

By posting this I am by NO way guaranteeing I will get one of these up a week, or really that I’ll ever force my way back around to it. I WANT to blog, but..yeah. Anyway, here’s a little bit about where Nugget and I are right about now.

How far along: 15 weeks!

How big is baby: Roughly the size of an apple, a box of crayons or an ├ęclair (Can you tell I downloaded a few apps..

Gender: It’s a boy!

Weight gain: 0. I actually think I’ve lost a pound or two, but no gain yet.

Husband: Anxious. I think he’s doing better at reading the baby books than I am. Actually, I KNOW he’s doing better at it than I am.

Sleeping: ughhhhhhhhhh. I want to sleep roughly all the time. It’s not exhaustion like in my first T, more a strong desire to be still. When *I* get still, I sleep. When I go to bed, I get crazy hot and Mr. “I’m Cold” isn’t willing to freeze enough. I get up to pee roughly 3-4 times a night, which is also SUPER duper fun.

Food cravings: No real “cravings” to speak of. Ok, that’s a lie. Red Meat, milk, peanut butter. I legit made Mike get out of bed one night to go make me a PB sandwich.

Food aversions: Tomato, citrus, leather? (I know it’s not a food, but I can smell leather from a mile away and NO DICE)

Symptoms: Tired. Bending over is harder than it used to be. I think my days of painting my own toes are limited. I get random dizzy bouts but NOTHING like I did in the first trimester and I can no longer say I’ve never had heartburn.

Missing: I miss rose and watching the superbowl while smelling everyone’s beer was a little wahwah. I also RIDICULOUS miss bluecheese and would have said Sushi, but I discovered that the Safeway kind doesn’t have raw fish, so I’ve been taking care of the sushi craving.

Doctor’s appointment: Next Friday I go back. Hoping to hear the heartbeat this time. I’ve seen it 3x, but never heard it before.

Wedding Rings: Still here

Maternity Clothes: None – YET. But I’m not happy about how any of my jeans feel, so we’re going to brave the mall this weekend for some jeans and maybe work pants. I got a couple tops in my stitch fix that I could break out, but I don’t need to JUUUST yet.

Movement: not that I can feel L

Best moment so far: My last dr apt. She couldn’t find the heartbeat, which meant I got to watch all sorts of kicks and flips.

What I’m looking forward to: The next dr apt and finally starting to clean out the baby room.

What I did for baby: Ate more veggies? Drank more water?

What I need to do: Everything else. Starting with the nursery.