Monday, April 30, 2012

DC - Museums!

After resting up from Lunch and the Capitol;
We headed first to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. 
I was *quite* excited. 

The elephant. 

He is the goo g'joob


all smiles

my favorite : Angler Fish


sweet :)

I'll take that please : The Hope Diamond

and a Barbie..kinda looks like me, no?

more Fabulous jewels

ya gotta have fun

turtles are awesome

mummies are awesome too!!!
 Even the souveneer shop was awesome..though I struggled to pick a turtle. 

i picked the green and pink one

We headed across the street to the American History Museum. 
Excellent choice. 

Lou Gehrig baseball

Scarecrow hat and shoes!

Jackie O's pearls

First Lady Clothing (this was my favorite exhibit)

Michelle Obama's Dress

staring at presidential China


Mike and the Berlin wall

Thomas Jefferson's bibles. 

War Rations

Original Star Spangled Banner

Gotta give Kermit a hug. 

Ruby Slippers. Mike was disappointed in the lack of actual rubies.

 Again, the gift shop was gorgeous. We spent a lot of time there because I was searching for a specific book..which I never found..

Cups that I loved in the gift shop

*almost* brought it home. 

Almost brought this home too...


As the sun set over the National Mall, we jumped back on the Metro

Where did we go? Stay tuned ;)

A compact weekend..

Friday was a bit rough, but I joined Mike late to hang out
 with his coworkers at Frankies Fun Park. 

baseball was played
prizes were won

& sushi was eaten. 

After finally recovering on Saturday, we headed downtown. 

We voted, 

checked out the brewgaloo

enjoyed our bucks

ate awesome pretzels

and got more fun stickers. 

Then, we headed to meet April and Jeremy for a drink. 


ice is serious.

smiles all around. 

We headed on to our friends Engagement Party. 

called "Enter the Dragon"

everyone had fun. 

I had bear claws..

THEN, standing there. doing..nothing..I dislocated my knee.
Actually, it dislocated itself. 
Not dancing. 
Not drinking. 

So today, I sit. Trying to prevent crutches on Monday. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My knee and I are no longer friends.

At all. 
I'm standing at Adam and Monica's engagement party. 
and BOOM! My knee dislocates itself. 

It's not as bad as last year, I'm still praying I don't have to wear crutches on Monday. 
Crutches are lame. 

DC Day 2, The Capital and Lunch

After we woke up and had a quick bite, we headed back to the National Mall. 
To the Capitol. 
Where Mike made numerous Hunger Games References. 

walking up. 

tour groups are AWESOME

we're awesome too!

Mike really wanted to go inside, 


so we walked around the back 
and then UNDERNEATH to get in. 

Each state had two statues. Hawaii's was awesome.
King Kamehameha for Dad ;)

After you go through security, 
wait in the line
watch the movie
get a tour guide
line up and head off. 

You get *in.* 
Then it becomes worth it. 
the Dome

Close Up. 

Mike did this..a lot. 

Amazing paintings and murals

More Statues

Tour taking Pros!

thats not's PAINTED to look carved.
also- yay for NC's first flight!

our guide. 

Inside Statuary Hall

neat tour ..headphones?...

Lincoln wuz here.

The view. 
The Reagan statue. Which has *real* pieces of the Berlin Wall. 

Tales of ...

After we left, we had to steal one more picturesque glimpse. 
I'm really proud of my country. 

 We then headed down to the Capitol Lounge for lunch,
 and to rest our tootsies.  

preach it Ben!

burgers and beer

Happy man. 

After lunch, we headed straight for the Smithsonian Museums.