Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012!


I think it should be painfully obvious that I'm willing to say goodbye to 2011, real fast. I'm VERY grateful for my trips with Mike, our wonderful friends and family, and the blessings that we had, but the overall injuries both mental and physical, robberies and break-ins were almost too much for me to bear. I have high hopes for 2012, and I look forward to getting it started. I'm really going to embrace this blog and see where it takes me. 

By the time this posts, I'll be out in Asheville with some "new" friends to celebrate NYE, and I couldn't be more excited.

Oh, and as far as resolutions go, along with the ever present "get fit, drink more water, meditate, yadda yadda", my big resolution is to say YES more often. I want to go outside of my comfort zone just a little more and see what life brings. Mike's is to be more "present" in the moment. Experience the here and now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend Update

We got an earlier start on the weekend, with a tasty dinner at NOFO in Raleigh. 
I've talked about the place before, remember? Old Piggly Wiggly? NC products? Ashe County Cheese? 

Yup, there we go.
We went for dinner this time and had a delicious steak (with Mac and Cheese), salmon (with fried pickles as a side?, YES PLEAAASE) and a DELICIOUS brownie, that had pudding in the middle.

It'd been a while since we'd really hung out with any of "The Core" and we were missing them something fierce.  So Friday, we all set a date.

We went to Sushi Nine on Western Blvd in Raleigh

BOGO is always amazing. 
Our waitress was a cartoon character, and the only option I knew about was Sapporo
We Feasted. 

We ended up getting Yummy Yummy, Victorias Secret, Fiery..something, and a Hurricane.

your guess is as good as mine..

We caught up, laughed and stuffed our tummies til we decided to head back uptown. 

The Core

We made new friends...along the way, and reacquainted ourselves with old ones..

Emily and Shannon.

Sunday morning, we headed out to Flying Saucer for brunch, like ya do. 
Then we headed out to find a great wreath for the front door. 

We did TOO well, as now the door will not close...

but no bother. It IS Christmas :)

Sunday night, Mike took me on a neat date to Raleighwood.  

Tickets were super cheap, only $4.50, and you can get DINNER at your seat. 
(Your super comfy-leathery-office-swingy-chair)
We saw the Ides of March, which we had ALWAYS meant to get around to seeing and never got the chance to, it's really an AWESOME theatre, smells nice, good food and decent drink selection.

Great date night, you should check it out. :)

Awesome, awesome weekend.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Head Start!


There are a few things that I get so obsessed with that I never get very far from. Sephora's blockbuster was one, Sparkle Toms (soon to be mine) are another, and occasionally, a DIY project will tickle the same bone.

So a few months ago, when I was perusing Design Sponge  and found this project, I was in love. I've always wanted to be a journal keeper. Someone who had books and books of heartfelt page filled with the day to day.


I'm not

This little fruit basket, index card journal, would be a wonderful little way to document the BIG things (or tiny things) that happen every day. Dinner dates, sweet notes, game changers..I just keep thinking about how cool it could be to look back and see what I chose on 12-13-08.  I started a mental hunt for all the goodies I would need to pull this off. 

And, after I found this on Anthropologie, I'm hooked. As soon as our "do not buy anything" ban is up, I'm totally scooping her up, plopping her on the countertop and getting my 2012 resolution firmly in place.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holidays :)

It's definitely beginning to shape up in the Hershler House. (get it? totes cute) 

Last night, our tree topper was delivered so we finally finished off the tree. 

new traditions have begun, old ones have continued and the season is in swing. 

A quick glance at some of our favorite ornaments:

Mike's GT yellow jacket and my NCSU block S have snuggled up together, with the yellow submarine (that we scored in Vegas at LOVE

And a cute little antique. Baby's first christmas ornament.
My mom held onto that for the last 25 years, well 24 til I stole it last year. 

Now, I just need to grab a wreath for our door ala Apes and we'll be good to go. 

Hope your Season is spectacular so far

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Dreamin

Just a few of the goodies I wouldnt mind (nope, not one bit) finding underneath my Christmakkah tree. <3
1: Who doesn't need a super cute cookie jar

2: A lovely eggplant purple cape to wrap up in, a steal at only $952

3: Seriously,this super convenient awesome glitter package would look STELLAR in my stocking, and on millions of projects. (Rumor on the street, is you can find a 50% off coupon easily on the Michaels website, to use in store..just sayin Santa..I'm here to help you, really)

4: Ladylike North Carolina pride! 

5: One step closer to being Hermione. This is actually an adorable 'out for drinks' bag

6: Ok, so maybe I don't NEED more measuring cups. (At all actually) But, these are so stinkin' cute!

7: Ask Mike. I squealed when I saw these. The 'neutral' color is already catching my eye. I've been looking for a ceramic fruit box for years now. 

8: We saw something similar at a friend's house and we started to adore it. Maybe it's time to bring one into the family. 

9: Finally, a trio of metallic polishes to wrap up the holidays. 

Finally back into the land of the computer. Just starting the process of catch up. Good luck on the Hawridays everyone. I'll be around :)