Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest-ing Wednesdays

Another hump day, another pinterest post to push through it!
First off, I am bound and determined this year to make a veggie container garden work.
Pinterest, I hope, will be crucial in this.

I've started to think about the European trip that Mike and I are daydreaming about for September
..and how to pack for it.

There are no words to describe that my delight at a Harry Potter cocktail.

Just a little "Hi Mike, this is for you" tidbit..

and I really do not know how I haven't tried this yet..

Finally a pillowcase set, that I'm either going to have to make myself or buy, because it's true.
so true.

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

So, what did YOU find on Pinterest (or in the real world?) this week?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wine and Design Cary

I love W&DC, and you should definitely check it out. They have a ton of different paintings every month, and if you cant find one you like, you can go on Open Studio night and pick which one you want. 

Once you get there, you settle in, put on your smock and crack open your wine. This time, we had awesome juice boxes from Target. Then the instructors help show you what to do. Both Marianne and Craig (the owners and the instructors that I've had in my many many classes) are really really good. They definitely put you at ease and make it easy to learn what you're doing and how to make your painting look awesome. Plus, the more you drink, the better it looks!

getting more creative ;)

Apes singing along to the ABBA playlist..

our paintings: all done!
 It's really cool to see how people choose to go their own way and add their own flair to the paintings. 
the two across from us
so proud

I love both the crab and the garden scene..

ooo, or the boat! or the Skyline!

with our Masterpieces. 

who else ;)

I thought it was going to be an easy painting.
 I was wrong. 
You see all those shades within our paintings? Well, we started out with yellow, bright red, black and white paint, and we mixed all the rest. 
We're awesome. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cheers to the Weekend


Last week was seriously one of the worst I've had in a LONG time. I'm sorry for abandoning the blog, but I took all I could do was scrape food together before passing out. 

Friday afternoon however, I got the weekend started right, with some nailpolish window shopping. I'm on a "don't paint my nails" kick until they stop peeling. (Ok, I totally JUST painted them, but it's coming off)

luxe effects anyone? I think I need them. 

I have no idea why they won't stop peeling, but that's a blog for another day. I gotta get them in shape for the Spring 2012 collection however. That moss green, the hot pink and the coral are to.die.for.
 After Mike got home, we called our friends Leslie and Derek and headed to Tasu for dinner. We had a vvvvvvvvvery interesting waiter, but also had a great time chatting and catching up. 

um, the ones with Jalepenos are amazing...

Saturday morning, while Mike worked on his MBA, I went and did a little shopping to get myself ready for spring. A new pair of jeans, some flowery tops, stripes, tanks, OH and the awesome cat tee from the Jason Wu collection at Target. 

I've wanted this shirt since I saw it, (IT LOOKS JUST LIKE OI) and I've even had my mom searching for it. It sold out all around North Raleigh and online, but I found it hidden in between tons of other white shirts in the sleepwear section. My apologizes to whomever hid it..but, ya snooze & ya lose. 

Afterwards, April and I headed to Wine and Design Cary for a new painting! I'll do a full post on this soon, cause it was super fun and we took TONS of photos, so it deserves it's own post. 


We met the boys afterwards for dinner and drinks at Brewmasters. 

what? we like guacamole!

Sunday morning, bright and early(ish) we went into Durham for a bit. We stumbled across a random bike race on 9th street, which kept us entertained for a bit.

before hitting up Elmo's  (LOVE THAT PLACE) for a delish brunch with Mandy and Austin.
diet coke & mimosa: be still my beating heart. 

cinnamon apple stuffed french toast. on sunflower bread...

On the walk back up 9th Street, we watched some more of the bike race (still going 2 hours later) before stumbling on Springtime Crack...ya know, Girl Scout Cookies. 

I did NOT get one of each. 
 Then! Sunday night, we headed up to April and Jeremy's for some Oscars action. Billy Crystal was awesome, as always, and the cirque du Soleil part was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  After Mike was done with his paper, be brought up some Bud Light Platinum, which APPARENTLY everyone (but me) had been wanting to try. It tasted just like Bud Light, so Im'a be stickin with some good beers. Just sayin..

 Look at the cute table spread that April set up. Adorbs. 

It was seriously a great great weekend. 
What'd you get into?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Oy, this week has been a rough one, so I kinda neglected lil ol blog. I'm sorry. This weekend was filled with warm fuzzys as we spent the weekend celebrating Jeremy and April's engagement, with a small smidgen of "us" time, that Mike and I still try to fit in around work and school. It was a PERFECT weekend, so let's recap.. 

April, her mom, future MIL, Matt and I all went dress shopping..

ok fine, Edward met us there ;)
Mia and Alex met us there and we went out for celebratory drinks (and lunch)

Then it was time for the Engagement Party!
It was held at Tylers Taproom in Durham, where they had their first date. It was a really really cute event and you could tell just how happy they are together. So sweet. 

Mike felt that my salad lunch was too healthy, so he added fried pickles and fries on top. 
April's mom bought these GIANT engagement rings, that all the bridesmaids decided to wear as bracelets. 

Of course there was cake!
 The weather was BEYOND beautiful that day, so after the party we all headed outside to take a few photos. A professional photographer wandered by, and you can skip over to April's blog to see the big group shot. (And tons more pictures, teehee)

We look like a sitcom or reality TV show cast..Love It. 


After the party, we wanted to get dinner as a group, but SHOCKINGLY it's hard to get a table for 13 people 3 hours before you want to eat. (I know, I'm stunned as well) So Mike and I headed back to Sushi Nine. 
Now I'm hungry again. 

Then we headed for our friends Blake and Beth's new place..

gotta love homebrew

 before we headed out downtown. It was dark, and so I didnt take any pictures..I'm sorry. BUT, the next morning, we joined April, Jeremy, and Jeremy's parents at Flying Biscuit. I hadnt been there in a while, but it's in Cameron Village and Mike and I decided we would definitely head back when the weather isnt cold and rainy to walk around. 

sweet biscuits with cranberry Apple butter...

 OH HEY MOM: RIGHT HERE! Question: I know y'all used to make Apple Butter. Can you teach me? Please? This stuff was TO DIE for. 

Then, while it was all wintery and chilly outside, we cuddled up with Irish hot chocolate and watched Inception..


Raleigh's only snowfall.. 

Pinteresting Wednesday

Another installment of Pinteresting Wednesday! Better late than never I suppose. Let's get started, shall we?

First up: AMAZING CAKE. Seriously, it looks gorgeous. I'm hungry.
Source: via Terri on Pinterest

Another mild obsession of mine: Garlands, and I need to find more ways to fit them into my day-to-day life. Suggestions?

Mike and I are scheming a pretty awesome vacay later in the year, so I've got my mind racing on all the details. One of those being how to stretch out a wardrobe as easily as possible.
Source: via Terri on Pinterest

and finally, because I'm always a little sad..