Tuesday, April 12, 2011

6 month anniversary :)

For our 6 month anniversary (the official one, not the first date..keep up), we went to a Brazillian steakhouse in Durham, and I was so hungry, I only managed to get a shot of the dessert at the end of the night. Mike got me tickets to Avenue Q, which is coming up!, and also tickets to the NC Symphony performing Paul McCartney's hits. :) I got Mike a new fancypants that I think we both really look forward to using this summer :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raleigh Beer Fest

Welp, Spring has Sprung and you know what that means: It's time for festivals! First up, the Raleigh Beer festival!

Note the pretzel necklaces. they are crucial, and I mean, crucial. FINALLY this year, we remembered to bring plenty and managed to spread the wealth to some of our friends throughout the event. I will definitely make sure to bring those later. 

I think, in the photo, I was stepping in a puddle and caught myself in the weird looking downface. BUT, I am super proud that  Blowing Rock has its own brewery! Finally, I have something to stand up against when Mike mentions the NY breweries he adores. (Hopefully, the next time we go up then we can see the brewery
 The crowds are ginormous and the night session is always the more fun one. Plenty of people, beer and laughs to go around. This year.....

has become the year of BAD WEATHER festivals! Starting with beer fest. The torrential downpours were ridiculous! There were puddles everywhere, and I slipped and busted my butt, but the picture below is the lines for the bathroom, (horray porta potties), that is lined up underneath a nearby tent. 

We met up with a ton of people and managed to snap a few different photos. Here's one of -some- of the extended group. We still manged to miss some of our favorite people though. 

Oh well. Raleigh beer fest - Success :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March 27th- Mike's Bday Present!: Hurricanes vs Canadiens

For Mike's birthday (yes, back in January, hushhh) I got him super tickets to an upcoming Carolina Hurricanes Game. The day finally came sooo, off we went. 

What better to way to start of a birthday celebration, than with a birthday milkshake from Zaxbys?

Thats right, Priority Lounge, Section 102. 

I love seeing the Caniacs out in full speed. We were in playoff contention at the time of the game, and the crowd was LOVING it. 

Told you: Awesome Seats

We love Cam Ward. He's an awesome player for the 'Canes and super fun to watch. 

Also, Mike being the WWF fan that he is/was, and myself the WCW and NC resident that I am, really gotta kick out of seeing Ric Flair pop up on the jumbo screen after every goal... "WOOOOOO!"

Remember the All-Star game we went to? (Of Course you do!) Well, here's a shot of our seats for this game, versus our seats for the All Star Game. We were right underneath he scoreboard (that you cant read from here) and behind the Championship banners. 

What's one of the best parts of hockey? The fights! This game definitely kept up its end of the bargain with a pretty gnarly one at the end of the last period because of some rude goalie treatment by Montreal. 

AND, an insanely rare sight: Gleason (a Cane's player) checked one of the Montreal guys into the glass. No big deal right?..Normally, except for this time: WHEN IT SHATTERED THE GLASS. 

Overall, it was an insane night. The Cane's won (by a ton) and I got to be on the big screen! The two kids sitting next to us were hilariously fun to watch and interact with and we got to see an awesome hockey match. I can guarantee you, we will be back :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

At the Car Wash!

I took Bella and Mike's car to the carwash today...it was my first time driving a car through the wash...Laugh as you will, but it was still cool. And now both cars are pretty and pollen free. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


 This morning, Mike was given the task (after he won a bet) of choosing a place for brunch, after finally figuring out NOFO at the Pig, in downtown Raleigh, we set out on our way. LITTLE DID I KNOW, it was destiny. Why? Well, not because it is a cafe in the old "Piggly Wiggly" store at five points, but LOOK AT THE MENU. ASHE COUNTY OMELETTE! They get the cheese that they use in the restaurant from Ashe county. Fun Fact: the only working cheese plant in North Carolina, is in Ashe County. 

We got our obligatory morning drinks. A mimosa with fresh squeezed OJ and a "damn good" bloody mary.

Like I said, the resturaunt is in the old Piggly Wiggly, so they have some of the old architecture and design in place, and other stuff like the blown glass pig chandelier definitely trendy, awesome Raleigh eatery.

Here's half of my AC omelette, along with one of Mike's crab cake benedict

Upstairs from the cafe is a little shop. It has a ton of candy, locally made crafts and jewelry, and other assorted goodies. There's also a small farmers market, fresh made truffles, and nice gift ideas. (I really enjoyed the glass architecture napkins and the 750ml wine glass..)

Glorious morning start to a glorious Sunday. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

How do you finish off a pretty relaxing day of errands and chilling?

You make your own cheesy gordita (ish) crunch. Finished off with Berry Voluntary, a raspberry cheesecake icecream with white chocolate chunks. Delicious. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Pit

Mike and I are creating our own 101 things list, and while its still iin progress, we're starting on the path. One of the things on our list is to go to a new restaurant a month, and another, is to have a special date night every week. The line was insane, so we cuddled up to the bar and got a couple drinks, after our table was ready and we sat down, the waiter said he could bring us a sample if we were trying to figure out a drink to order. Not only did he bring me the one I asked to try, but a different similar one. Yes, bonus points. 

The atmosphere here is incredible. Its swanky, upscale, and trendy, yet homey and comfortable. We sat at a delectable round booth with our backs against the wall while being able to watch the hustle and bustle of the restaurant.

 Now, yes, the fried green tomatoes were amazing, but what really makes them delicious, is the lime ranch dressing. After we got through the appetizer, we ordered our main course. I got pulled pork with mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, while Mike got the cubed pork with I-dont-remember-because-I-was-too-busy-eating. The food is delicious.

 You know its good, if I don't stop to take a picture. You also know its good if Mike will stop to take a picture..but refuses to put his fork down.