Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Thoughts.

T.G.I.F. Seriously.
I'm not feeling super eloquent, but let's wrap up the week. 
Shall we?

1: Time Flies. 
It's been a week since we got Shiva. I feel like she's come leaps and bounds
 in terms of her nervousness, habits, and bonding with me and Mike. 
TODAY marks my 2 year anniversary at my current job. 2 years, Wow. 
My Dad told me last night that my Mom as been at her job now for 42 years. WOW.
It's officially been over a month since China and the Asheville trip.
Neither of which have been blogged. BAD BLOGGER.
Finally, am I the only one who things 1992 was 10 years ago? I am? Oh.

Generations of worker bees. 

2: Minty Fresh
 I'm thinking that I'm a bit obsessed with the color mint/turquoise right now.
It just feels so fresh and summery. 

minty fresh

3: Hot, Hot, Hot
It's supposed to hit 100+ here in Raleigh this weekend. So I'm thinking that I'll go buy a kiddie pool. For Shiva. Yeahhhhh, Shiva. 
Also, look for a neon green biofuel car to pop up on the blog next week. 
I know you can hardly hold your excitement. 

4: I you think my nails are too much?
Essie's Mint Candy Apple + dollar store Hot Pink

The Nail Files

5: Indestructable? 
When toy makers say that something is "for rough puppy chewers" and "indestructible"

They Lie.

Guilty party in the background. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Mike and I are the Royalty of the weekend getaway, but I have a problem. 
I normally just shove my clothes/toiletries/etc in 3 different totes and my purse..and if we fly, then it's Mike's duffle and the GIGANTIC CARRY-ON. 

Time to get my own big girl weekender/grown up duffle bag. 
Help me?
I want one that's big enough to carry everything I need. 
(Not a heavy packer here)
I want one that's stylish and cute, but sophisticated and classic. 
(but obviously not interested in splurging yet.)

I like #5 because I think the stripes can be translated well with jeans and flats, but #3 is the largest, which DOES play a factor. Im a little concerned that #4 wouldn't hold much though. But the stripes on #2 are really pretty... Help me??


weekender by teeller featuring a duffle bag

linking up here, and hoping I can figure it out :)

Current Crush Thursdays

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Puppy Pinteresting

You didn't think ALL my pins could be about puppies?
You'd be wrong.


Source: via Terri on Pinterest

there WAS this one..

but, you need one of those when dealing with a teething puppy ;)

Did you find anything awesome on Pinterest this week? 
Any tips for dealing with a puppy that doesn't understand that tables aren't for standing?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet and Greet

Hi Blog Readers (and parents, friends, family members, facebook stalkers etc)

Meet Shiva

Well, Shiva Kamini Soma Kandarkram Elkowitz.
Shiva for short.

You can be her friend on Facebook. ;)

She has mastered the sit.

wee one

must have two toys at all times.


Hacky Sack: 0  Shiva: 1

sitting pretty
yup, that's a collar in her mouth. Blame her father.

So, you see, if my posts are a bit more scattered or the photos aren't as edited, blame her.
She'll obviously be horribly affected, and then she'll nuzzle your toe and all is forgiven.

and for reference: The League

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Still kinda the weekend right?


Met Mike for Sushi

This was the "do not eat these under penalty of death" line. 

That was followed by ice cream cookie sammiches

and yoda kitties. 

I watched the last of the Twilight movies. 
I'm not proud. 
There is no evidence. 
Other than this post, which will self destruct in 10...


Met Leslie at the Durham Farmer's Market for Donuts. 

We also met for veggies, but I didn't take pictures of them. 
Why should you, when the donuts look like these?

Monuts, mmmmmmmm. 
 Mike finished his accounting exam. 

We got a puppy. Meet Shiva. 

Then I met April for the Vestique fashion show. End of comment. 


What I did. 

What he did. 

What she did. 

Then we put on the Mets game

and fired up the grill for dinner. 

linking up here...a little late, but better than never..right?

and here

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thursday

Some weeks, you work 30 hours in 3 days and you're exhausted and just want to look at pretty things online. This, my friends, is one of those weeks.I'm guilty of totally daydreaming about the beauties below.
1 & 4 are spectacular statement necklaces, while I think both 2 and 3 (and 7) would be really sweet " I love you" gifts. (Totally hinting..but not really..but really) And seriously, who doesn't want a necklace with their name on it. You already KNOW of my love for anything with "Terri" on it.


Current Crush Thursdays

ok, back to the real world..mostly.. Though, if anyone wants to buy me a bauble or three. I'm ALL ears. WHICH REMINDS ME:

Bauble Swap at BSSS. You know you want in :)