Thursday, March 30, 2017

22 week Bumpdate

15, 17, 19 and 21 weeks along
I told y'all I wouldnt be doing these regularly. But, I did today!!! Here she goes...

¨    How far along: 22 weeks!
¨      How big is baby: About the size of a spaghetti squash, or a Nalgene, or a guinea pig
¨      Weight gain: 3lbs. I’m trying to be really cautious here because I had plenty of extra to start with.
¨      Husband: He’s excited! All the stuff is getting real-er by the minute. I think the anatomy scan was the big kicker. Seeing his adorable profile made it so much more REAL and tangible. That and starting the registry.
¨      Sleeping: ugh. I miss a full night’s sleep! Lots of pee breaks and adjusting from side to side. It’s probably time to break out the snoogle.
¨      Food cravings: MEAT. Give me all the meats. Seriously. I can not get enough burgers. I also really want guac during the day, but never at night.
¨      Food aversions: I don’t really like Chipotle anymore. The chicken always tastes funny to me. L Eggs are also a no. No eggs please and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
¨      Symptoms: The belly is definitely growing. Parts are achy and I can tell a difference if I haven’t been to yoga in a while.  (Hold on while I go sign up for class next week..)
¨      Loving/ Loathing:  This point. Im excited for him to come, but I’m enjoying this happy stage of the 2nd trimester. It’s like the Goldilocks month is upon me..loving it. Loathing..not much? Not having more time at home to work on the nursery I guess.
¨      Missing: Rose and Feta. Champs and Oysters.
¨      Wedding Rings: On. I took them off to sleep last night, (as in – I took them off to wash my face and forgot to put them back on)…
¨      Maternity Clothes: YESSSSSSSSS. If anyone is reading this and debating – just go into Maternity pants. There’s nothing more comfy and when you’re preggo – no one judges you for yoga pants at work.
¨      Movement: I’m 90% sure I felt a small kick last night at Yoga. We were in our final pose and laying on our sides, still. I think I finally let my mind relax enough to both be internally and externally quiet. It felt like a little bubble popping in my stomach. I spent the rest of the ‘relaxation’ willing it to happen again. No luck, stinker.
¨      Best moment of the week: See; Movement
¨      What I’m looking forward to: Keeping working on the nursery. The crib and chair came this week so I’m looking forward to putting it together and getting this show on the road!
¨      What I did for baby since the last update: Ordered a bunch of furniture, signed up for baby classes, and scheduled the moyel, the newborn photographer and maternity photos. I’m feeling prettttttttttttttttty solid right now.
¨      What I need to do: Oh. Everything else. There went that solid feeling…