Friday, March 30, 2012


I stole this from a friend, but I absolutely loved it.

via pinterest

"Instead of looking for proof of God's handiwork in magic tricks, find it in the moment. Instead of looking for miracles from above, find them within. Every time there's a tragedy or a problem bigger than any solution we can see, we tend to ask, "Where is God?" Imagine what would happen if we stepped up to the plate, each of us, and said, "Here is God. Right here in me; right here in you." God is in each of us, in the midst of every tragedy and problem. It's up to us to call forth our greatest light and love and be the miracle, right here, right now."  
Regina Brett

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fancy Dress?

fancy dress

This coming Saturday, we have a more formal occasion to attend. I had to run out late last night to pick up a new dress for it, so I'm hoping it all goes well. Seems like the weather is going to work out, so hopefully I wont get freezing cold and hopefully my hair wont fuzz up. 

But, what do you up? hair down? curly? straight?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday- Pick me Ups

I was alllllll happy for a while that Spring had sprung.
Then, today, it turned COLD. Like, 40* this morning. ugggggggggggggh
Let's all will Spring back!
First, I recently went to Target and fell HEAD OVER HEELS for some of the pretties below. The picnic basket can be folded up and zipped into itself, the picnic baskets have room for wine glasses, and those fish dishes are TO DIE FOR. Mike and I are in the market for some small patio furniture, so I have my eye on that bright blue set in the corner...
spring? please?

Now, for some pinterest lovin' picnic style

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

What'd you get into this week?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First DateAversary pt 2

Thursday, the 22nd, we celebrated the date of our first date. (Keeping up?)
Mike met me at Mura, in North Hills

They had an incredible wine and beer menu..

which was only surpassed by their DELICIOUS sushi menu. 

I cant even describe it. If I ever wanted to eat EVERY SINGLE ROLL, but we settled on three. 
The presentation was incredible, i LOVED the flower and the flower sushi. 

I tried to eat a giant piece of sushi...let's just look at this. 
Yeah, it's a lot of pictures. 
It's worth it, cause its funny. 

oooo, large bite..

I can do this..

ooorrrr,  I dropped it
i'm failing, and it's hilarous

trying again..

dropped again



Mike did a LOT better..

Sigh, I'm learning. It will come in time. 

Afterwards we went across the street to Ben & Jerrys

For a waffle cone with Phish Food and Bonnaroo Buzz. 

It was such a beautiful night, we were able to sit outside at North Hills and eat our ice cream and chat. We eventually headed back home where we cracked open this little beauty of a bottle. 
It seemed to fit us perfectly. 

Here's to two (hundred) more years. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

The Weekend of March 23rd

Oh lordy, after last week, I was SO. SO. SO looking forward to this weekend. 
Friday night, after I finally got out of my slump, we headed out. 

We stopped for dinner at Sushi Nine, where they had a special "Wolfpack Punch"

and got our weekly sushi. 

We then headed off to Tyler's Taproom to watch the end of the UNC game (they won) and the NCSU game (they lost..sad ) 

Saturday afternoon, we headed out to meet our friend Leslie to see the Hunger Games. We stopped at Remedy Dinner for a bit before hand to kill some time. 

Then we went to the IMAX where we saw Hunger Games. The books were, obviously, a good read for me, so I was excited to see the movie. They pulled it off pretty well, and i DEFINITELY got more attached to the characters than I did during the book. 

Afterwards, we headed to MoJoe's Burger Joint, which was rated as the #2 burger in Raleigh in this years Raleigh Downtowner magazine. {Side Note: Mike and I view this list as a "to-do" list}

It definitely didn't disappoint. The burgers,  onion rings, shakes and fries were all amazing. We'll definitely put keep it in the rotation! 

Sunday morning, we slept in for a bit then headed down to Nofo @ the Pig for Brunch. 
Brunch and Bloody Marys. 

Mike enjoys having beverage choices. 

My Ashe County Omelet (represent!)

 and Mike's Big Bear Scramble.

Then we headed back home for homework, house work and blog work. 
I did venture out later in the day to pick up a new planner. (Mine ran out in June '12, and we were starting to get busy during the rest of the year...) 
I ADORE the Martha Stewart line that I picked up at Staples. 
I figure that I would start using the new one in April, since March is almost over anyway..

What'd YOU do this weekend?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Ups..St Patty's Day

Yeah, I just..I..I'm sorry. Better late than never.  

First Up: 

Friday, March 16th. 

Mike and I got up early that morning, and I got out all of our NCSU tshirts to wear for the day. 

Then we went to work til noon and then met up with two of our friends at Backyard Bistro. 
For the NCSU game in the NCAA tourney. 

and some dividing up of craft supplies..

After we won, Mike and I went home for a quick nap, then headed out for some sushi. 

Saturday, March 17th

While Mike had his MBA meeting, I watched the penguin cam in bed for a couple hours. 

then we got dressed up in our green, finest clothes (and apparently did a lil jig) 

then headed out to meet our friend Katie for her birthday. 

We went down to Dos Taquitos in downtown Raleigh, then headed to the architect for dancing. 

dancing and mean mugging..of course..

We then met up with some of our friends at a hotel bar in North hills for a hot second, before running home to avoid the torrential downpours outside. 

Sunday, March 18th
We got up early and headed to Brewmasters for Brunch. 

We grabbed a couple bloody marys and some food.

and settled into watch NCSU beat Georgetown. (It was a remarkable win)

The bartender celebrated with us, by making us a miniature Dirty Hippy. 

Moral: Always make friends. 
Especially with bartenders.  

Then we headed to our neighborhood Whole Foods, where they were having a Chili Cookoff. 

We took our job seriously, 

then picked up some local wine and cheese for dinner. 

Horray for awesome weekends.