Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Randoms

There's a lot of little things involved in weddings. 
(There's a lot of big things too, mind you)
I need to get better at blogging both of them. 
So, here goes:

My adorable bridal shower invites:

Bride to Be + Wine? Yes Please.  

And finally, the Glossybox Bridal Box: 
There were definitely some adorable goodies that I'm sure I'll be using next March and beyond.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sometimes moments get lost. 
Either in the hustle of the week, 
or the stream of instagram. 

Here's some of what you might have missed. 

I always find myself buying more Burt's Bees now that I'm away from NC. 
I can't help how happy the 27709 or Durham, NC makes me feel.

I might..have a thing for monograms.  

I might also have a thing for cute shoes. 

I made Matzo ball soup. 
(before Mike's accident..)

Our package guy at work has excellent handwriting.. 

Shiva is not spoiled.  

OHOHOH! I got business cards at work. 
And, duh, a cute Kate Spade holder.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Update

I'm sure you knew this weekend would be awesome. 
Car shopping while both people have colds?

We made the best of it, though. 
Here's a quick glimpse at it. 

We made the most of 90s on 9, with the satellite radio.

A BRAND NEW CAR! (that costs lots of money!)

Time to wait... 

and wait..

We did make some time for us though. 
Dog park fun. 

A beer stop.

Oh, and some Jamba Juice.  

How was YOUR weekend?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like a Fish!

I mentioned that we took Shiva to the beach this weekend. 
She'd never been around water before: not a lake, a beach, even a large creek. 
So, we weren't sure how she would take to it. 
We packed her in the car, drove the hour up to Half Moon Bay, and crossed our fingers. 
As soon as she was off the leash at the beach..well, just look at the photos. 


We also met a very LARGE puppy. The big guy absolutely dwarfed Shiva, 
but they hit it off and LOVED playing together.  
size reference


Poor thing was so sleepy when she got back in the car, she was asleep before we left the parking lot. 
She barely moved when we pulled into the brewery for dinner. 

(Don't worry about the heat, it was 58* that day, the windows were open and we checked on her often..during which she was still sleeping)

We're definitely planning on taking her back as much as possible. 
I think she slept for two days straight afterwards. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When it rains...

I had the fullest intention of posting all about Shiva's trip to the beach for you on Tuesday. 
Monday night- 
Mike texted that he was in an accident, 
but he was ok, 
and I needed to come get him. 

He's fine. So is the other driver. 
I'm so SO grateful for that fact, especially when you see the photos:
Here's Mike's Mazda.

Here's Mike's bumper. 
still attached to the other person's car.  

The cop said it looked like the other person was going 50-60, 
and Mike remembers hearing the brakes squeal.
(Meaning she was going FASTER than that..)
He was stopped, in traffic on a regularly congested interstate at 5:30pm.

READ: The person who hit him was definitely not 
paying any attention to the road or her surroundings.


So, now we're in the market for a new car. 
Recommendations for a hybrid/EV anyone?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Update

After a week exploring cowboy country, 
Mike came home Friday night. 
So we just spent the night chilling and catching up.

Saturday was a busy day, 
but in the "errand" kinda way. 
New tires, paper goods, petsmart, office max, yadda yadda. 

HOWEVER, it was a good mail day!
We got out engagement book in the mail, 
and baublebar beauties! 

We did manage to sneak a nice dinner on Santana Row, 
and caught a very pretty Cali sunset.

Sunday, we took Shiva to her first beach. 
It was also her first body of water, but I'll tell you all about it later. 
I promise. 
It deserves so much more than a blurb.

Later, while Shiva was napping, 
we snuck into Half Moon Bay brewing company. 

We had a couple of their signature brews, 
and their food is AMAZING.  

I think we're finally settling in here in California. 
Little weekends like this, definitely help.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's Go Mets

A while back, 
Mike and I went to a Mets Game. 
At AT&T Park. 

I'm not a huge "lets go somewhere and cheer for the visiting team" person, 
but, this one was kinda fun. 
The adults don't really care, 
but listening to the kids reactions to seeing a Mets jersey was HILARIOUS. 

In the parking lot, there were a couple "EWWW! METS FANS!"
but the real hilarious part, was when I went to the bathroom. 

This little boy, maybe around 6, watched me with WIDE EYES
as I walked into a stall, then he whisper-yelled to his mom 
to which she responded
"maybe she has to go?"

Yes, I laughed out loud. 
Yes I was still laughing when I came face to face with him at the sinks. 

The view from the stadium is GORGEOUS.  

We had stellar seats, and the people directly behind us were also Mets fans. 
Later in the game, a group of guys sat next to us, also Mets fans.  

Around the 7th inning, 
We celebrated appropriately, as the sun set.  

It was shortly afterwards that the fans sang along
to "Don't Stop Believing" 
and then all of them promptly left. 

I guess they stopped believing. 

We stayed for the rest of the game, 
enjoyed a Mets win, 
and happily went home listening to the replay on the radio. 

I guess this counts as 1 of my sporting events for the 27/27 list.
BUT, I have a feeling we'll be going to a lot more.