Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holy Cow Fall!


When did it turn into October?!?
(also, did someone wake up the Green Day guy??)

This is my first fall in California, 
and I came up with a "must do" of sorts. 
(to ease the pain of not going to the NC State Fair, or the Ren Fest..)

1. Apple picking at Gizdich Ranch 

2. Make a pie (of any variety) 

3. Learn two different soup recipes

4. Master a cider recipe. That's right, I said MASTER

5. Make a minifire (the grill will count..WE LIVE IN CALI y'all..) and make smores. 


7. Find a festival or fair to go to. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

D&B: or, How I Learned to stop being afraid of Zombies and love the Dinosaurs.

A few weeks ago, 
Mike and I went to Dave and Busters. 

I've been, yes, when I turned 21. 
7 years ago. Yesterday.
There's one really close to us, 
so we decided to give it a shot.

Mr. Video Game was in heaven!

We LOVED the Jurassic Park game, 

the photobooth, 

and the cut the rope game. 

We even got a nice set of tickets going...

Then..Mike saw the 4D zombie. 
Let's list the things I don't like. 
1. Zombies, 2. being scared, 3. things jumping at me, 4. zombies. 

Well, marriage means killing zombies together. 
So, I played.

Not scary..
(well, the zombies that had 8 legs were..)
BUT, the breeze on my neck was nice. 

We ended the night with a nice set of tickets, 
and I think we'll be back. :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Update

Welp, another weekend bites the dust. 

Shiva took her traditional "Dad's not home and I'm sad" nap all night, 

while I did a little nail art. 


I picked up Mike from Brazil!

We took a little family nap.  

Mike brought me these beauties from Brazil 

Then it was off to get my hairs did. 
Truth be told, it's a bit darker than I like. 
(I feel like the villain in a Disney movie) 

Mike and I went on a nice little date night too! 


We made it to brunch! It seems like that never happens anymore... 

then watched some football, did some chores, and called it a day.  

(ps 167 days til the pressure on me or anything)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Update

Just a few snap shots from 
a not quite summer, 
not quite fall weekend.




Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oakland Game

 A little bit ago, 
Mike made our way out to Oakland for an A's game. 

It's an adorably small stadium. 

OH! And when we went, they had Green Day themed fireworks. 

On the way out, 
we checked the A's store. Seeing a Cespedes jersey in Mets colors was pretty cool. 
It was not $120 cool, however.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Update

So, maybe it isnt this weekend. 
This weekend was just chores, and naps, and..yeah. 
Last Weekend was much better. 

I scored a couple tickets from T7L for when
 we're up in NY at the end of the month. 
Should be a blast. 

Mike and I met after work for some drinks and dinner, 

then headed home for some Olive snuggles. 

(Psst, they had these lillies in the bathroom at the bar, and they were fantastic. 

I love weekend mornings. 
Shiva always snuggles into bed early for some extra cuddles. 

After dragging myself out of bed, it was run time. 

THEN, sushi time!

Finally, we were off for a little retail therapy. 
I found a halloween costume. 

I also took some time to peruse the Kate Spade store. 
I promised myself if I ran/did power yoga consistently,
 I would buy myself the wallet I've been craving. 
So, I went to get myself some inspiration. 

I made waffles 
(with the waffle maker from our shower)

I painted my nails (it's important)

Then tucked into some football for the day.

Linking up, for the first time in a while. 
Trying to pull this blogging thing off again. <3
still being [molly]

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Randoms

There's a lot of little things involved in weddings. 
(There's a lot of big things too, mind you)
I need to get better at blogging both of them. 
So, here goes:

My adorable bridal shower invites:

Bride to Be + Wine? Yes Please.  

And finally, the Glossybox Bridal Box: 
There were definitely some adorable goodies that I'm sure I'll be using next March and beyond.