Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Update

Another week and another short bit of snippets. 

When you have days that tend to drag, 
sometimes texts are exchanged that go something like this:
"Dinner or Happy Hour and Apps?"
"YES. Meet you in an hour"

Yet, because we live in California, you can get home in time to water the plants, in full sun. 
(Also, this seems to give Shiva a chance to chase down the crazy water)
(Also Also, horray for rainbows!)

We had set up a tour for AT&T Park. 
Gotta check out all the local sports teams before you make decisions, right? 

Can I just say, that the weather was -GORGEOUS-. 
San Francisco has approximately 4 days a year. 
We definitely scored on that. 

Psst. Their store has some pretty cute merch. 
I could'nt resist this though.

Then we got to the fun part. 
The Hills. 
No, not THAT "The Hills", the real San Fran - trying to kill the breaks and accelerator on my car because it's a silly Prius that can't handle that- Hills.  

We had a groupon for chicken sandwiches and tater tots. 
Because every adult needs tater tots. 
We also apparently missed the "we serve drinks DIY style with a half liter of bourbon"
Never fear dear parents, we didnt come close to finishing the booze. 

Mornings spent in the kitchen, barefoot, with champagne, are always a good idea.  
Forgetting you've scheduled a vendor meeting and sitting down to brunch at the exact same time, 
not such a good idea. 

Also, training your dog not to eat off your plate or beg, good idea. 
Having your dogs head the same height as your table, not such a good idea.  

She sure does have that beggar look down. 

Stay tuned for more pics of our ATT Park tour coming up soon!

Insomniac Writers Block

So, I'm lying in bed and drinking my mason jar of milk, 
yeah, you read that right, 
and even though I have so much I want to tell you
-about last weekend, ATT park, wedding stuff, life stuff-
I'm blank. 

Maybe today is not for writing
Maybe my productivity clocks out with the closing credits of dancing with the stars. 

Maybe, just maybe, 
I need some sleep. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding To-Dos

Well, it's high time I got this Wedding Party Started. 
Wanna see the list?

strikethrough = it's done!
*asterisk* = it's in progress. 

Set a date
*Write a guest list
Book venue
Book Coordinator
*Book caterer
*Book photographer
Book videographer
Book band / DJ
*Create wedding website 
Book florist
Buy wedding dress

Book ceremony musician?
Book rentals

Raleigh Eng. Party/ Photos
NY Bridal Shower
NC Bridal Shower
Take engagement pictures in Cali
Select bridesmaid dresses
Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
Purchase veil and accessories for dress

Undergarment essentials
Grooms Gift, Bride Gift
Book cake baker
Finalize Cake Details inc topper
Grooms Cake?
Buy cake knife & server
Order save the dates  
Finalize guest list     
Send save the dates 

Finalize Menu
Menu & Wine Pairing
Book officiant   
Order guest book thingy
Order Large Wine Bottle
Accessories for Bar, (wine cork holder/etc)
Make Centerpieces
Plan Ceremony details inc songs and readings
Chuppah Details
Wedding Insurance
FOB Shopping
Day After activies?
Weekend schedule
Unity Ceremony 
Hotel room blocks 
Engagement announcement in Local papers
MOB & MOG dress shopping
Find wedding shoes

Find wedding jewelry
Book makeup artist & hair stylist 
Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial
Dress fitting
Order ceremony programs

write vows
Figure out where I'm getting ready & where Mike is getting ready
Order invitations
Mail invitations
Book rehearsal dinner venue

Book RD music
Buy RD dress

RD invitations
Order gifts for bridal party
Welcome Bags
Book transportation for guests
Order napkins/other paper goods
other gifts 
Bachelorette party

Bachelor party
Purchase wedding bands
Put together picture list for photographer
Get marriage license
Order wedding favors

Honeymoon booked
Honeymoon documents ready
Book transportation from reception to hotel 
Book wedding night hotel room
Finalize Schedule
Finalize Layout
Menu & Wine Pairing
Final guest count to venue
Confirm with Vendors
Order thank you notes
Walk down the aisle & say I do!

Let's do this. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Update

Instead of breaking it down by day, 
let me just say that this is an mini review
of our extra long weekend in Healdsburg, CA. 

We stayed at the Irish Rose Inn

and I almost stole the bed. 

Seriously though, Ive always wanted a canopy. 

Then, we started checking out the wineries.  

(I also tracked down some classic cars for Dad) 

I can honestly say that we learned a lot,
different grapes, varietals, soil changes, 
and even ancient vs new vines. The top ones are from the 1920, 
the lower ones are from the 1980s. 

We spent some time sitting by Dry Creek,  

before grabbing some beignets and heading home.  

I highly recommend Healdsburg. 
It's got a small town charm and feel with a little less crowd. 
Definitely not hurting in the wine department either. 

Monday, April 22, 2013


Psst, guess what happened this weekend. 
Bella got new tags. 
We took off the NC plate, 
and she seemed to put up her own silent protest. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday!

Nothing major to report today. 
Mike is home, and we're heading off for a little getaway. 
OH!, and because no post is complete without pictures: 

The rugelach I made this week. 

and the psycho beast who insists on laying on me. All 65lbs of her. 

Enjoy the weekend, y'all. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tour the Stick

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the famous (or infamous, depending on your preferences), and though I'm a firm Carolina Panthers fan, it was pretty cool. I can't recall all the stories our tour guide told, but there were a lot, and I can't tell you all the details behind all these photos, but I'll do my best.

First things first, you get to park right up next to the stadium.
And you just might get lucky. 

Then you get to walk through an empty stadium, 
and look at all the cool murals and memorials hanging. 
Our tour guide, Amanda, know everything there was to know. 
So, just trust me that there's cooler stuff to be heard. 

Then, the super cool parts begin. 
You can see the media room, (well, you can't GO in)
BUT, you can take your picture in front of the background that you see on TV.

Ever wonder what the view is from those super swanky, fancy, EXPENSIVE boxes?
Well, you can see that too. 

Then you can walk down to the field. 

Then, you can go into the visitor locker room. (meh)
BUT, THEN, you get to go into the 49ers locker room. 

Then, Amanda went around and had people sit in lockers, 
well, in front of, but you get the idea. 
Who's locker did I sit in?
Mr. Kaepernick himself. 
I totally sat in it first, but apparently have lost the pictures. 
So, Mike did the job later. 

I could be converted. It's true.  

Then you can run down the tunnel, tapping on the air vent, 

give Mr. Walsh a tap,  

and run onto the field. 

For the record, they totally encourage you to go crazy.
So, Mike and I raced. He won. 
I also timed him for a 40. (6.02)
Then, the shoes came off, 

and I started jumping around. 

Serious smiles all around.  


I really can NOT say enough about taking the tour at Candlestick
They're going to tear it down soon (tear), 
 but the Stick is one of those stadiums that any fan knows about. 
If you're in the SF area, and if you're a FOOTBALL fan, you have to check it out.
Tickets are reasonable, but can book quickly as tours are pretty small.  
The tour guide, Amanda, is definitely stellar. She has all the answers, even some you havent thought of the questions for yet. (Not like the crappy one we had in Charleston..)

The Niners are moving to San Jose in the next season, 
so all chances point to me claiming them as my new home team, 
but seriously, Candlestick did the trick.

(But, Cam and the Panthers will always -always- have my heart) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekend Update

A pretty cool weekend, 
but light on the words, and pictures. 

After a trip to the DMV, 

and a full day of work, 
I met Mike for dinner and drinks in Sunnyvale.

We headed into San Francisco early in the morning. 
We stopped at Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem for brunch, 

brunch which included mimosas, bloody marys, and fernet shots. 

And yes, that was a chicken sandwich in a jelly doughnut.
When you see that on a menu, curiosity just wins. 

Then we headed over to Candlestick for a behind the scenes tour. 

Complete with frolicking. 

Come back tomorrow for more on our tour. 

After leaving the stadium, 
we headed out to Santana Row to window shop,
 buy more kitchen gadgets, and grab some grub. 

Sunday was a work day around here. 
Getting ready for the week, cleaning the house, 
helping Olive write a final paper, 
lazy bum

and trying to convince Shiva she's no longer a tiny puppy.  

I dont think she buys it.