Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's not a secret that Mike and I are in the midst of wedding planning. 
It's not a secret that the easiest way to plan is to think about what you DIDNT like from other weddings you've been to, and do the opposite. 

It's difficult however, when your friends throw the most awesome of awesome weddings, 
to not just copy every little thing and call it a day. 
I've already warned April that she should expect that. 

Right before we left Raleigh,
literally the day before, 
we went to our dear friends April & Jeremy's wedding. 
I was waiting to post about it, until she had posted. 
BUT, the time has come, my friends. 

Prepare for photo overload:

Champagne Toast while getting ready. 
Lady in Waiting
Driving to the venue
The Entry way
Our Bridesmaids attempt
<3 t minus 13 months
First dance swaying
All they Bouquets. 
THE best food ever served at a wedding. Ever. 

Desert Table
So, here's one of the ideas that we're totally copying in some way, or form. 
Instead of table numbers, each table was a different PLACE they had been together.

ECU table..
Moline Table
Go check out her post: HERE: to see the other tables & more details. 

Her shoes and sparkly tablecloths (Also to be stolen)

Cake Cutting
Running through a field of streamers. 

At Busy Bee, post wedding.

 And, because I couldn't NOT steal them, 
here's some instagrams that I swiped from other attendees. 


and finally, a smidgen of the professional pics. 
You can see more on April's blog. 

Seriously? She's gorgeous. 
LOVE this shot.

Also, notice my location in the next two frames. 

I spent too much time on the ground at that day. 
And, just because.  

Seriously, Apes' wedding was fantastic, beautiful, charming, everything a wedding should be. 
I was so grateful and lucky to be a part of it, and it definitely makes me look forward to ours. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I looked at Ashley's blog this morning, 
and saw her list of four favorites for a good Valentine's Day. 

So, I decided to make my own!
I'm not the only one though, 

you can get all these goodies by clicking on the links below. 

you can also make your own list, 
and link it up here:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


interview days are always filled with too many thoughts. 
and not enough thoughts. 

maybe I can get some organized before tomorrow. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update


Friday afternoon, I curled up with some popcorn and the Casey Anthony lifetime movie. 
Yeah, I'm addicted to true stories. Blame my mother. 

After Mike got home, we made our own pizzas (from scratch), 

and started to work on putting together some wedding presents. 
(Spoiler alert, we didnt get it finished)

Then Mike schooled me in Wheel of Fortune. 


 We headed out to the Brewer's Supply Store,  

then over to Flames for brunch. 
Brunch and bottomless mimosas. ;)

We scurried home, because it was such a gorgeous GORGEOUS day, 
so that we could take the Shiva for a long walk.  

When she got home, we gave her a new "indestructible" toy. 

and here's a video you can watch. 
It will prove how indestructible this stuff is. 

We watched NCSU beat UNC , 

and then headed out to Tied House. 
This place is DEFINITELY a winner for a new local place. 
GREAT beer and GREAT food. 


 We headed out early to get in line for the book signing at West Elm for Young House Love. 
They really went all out to keep the people in the lines happy, 
they handed out rice krispie treats, waters, pecan pie, MILKSHAKES, 
in ADORABLE teeny solo cups
 and, of course, COOKIES!

Then, of course, as you wander through the store, 
all sorts of decorating ideas come to the light. 
I LOVE this vase and the paper flowers, 

 and there were thousands of ceramic animals. 
I wanted the turtle, but Mike said no. 
I also want that bear on the top, cause it was a speaker. 
Mike said no.  

Then, MIKE looked at this lamp and said "I LIKE THAT! Can you make it?"
Why, yes love, yes I can.  

Then, of course, I got my book signed. 
I'm super shy around people I admire. 
John and Sherry included. 

The rest of the day we ran errands, 
played with shiva, bottled some beer, and got ready for Monday. 

Here's to another week!
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