Thursday, June 1, 2017

31 week bumpdate


How far along: 31 weeks! Good Lord. 

How big is baby: The size of a river otter or romaine lettuce or a foam finger (really, HOW do they come up with these?)

Gender: Still a boy. An active, heartburn inducing boy. 

Weight gain: ~15lbs so far. 

Sleeping: Whenever I can. Naps are back with a vengeance, though sleeping all night long is impossible. I pee, I toss, I turn, I nap. 

Food cravings: Still beef. Give me all the beef. With that beef, please give me copious amounts of yellow mustard, please. I craved a bagel a couple times the last few weeks, which is TOTALLY not my style, but this babe is 50% Mike... I like sweet more than salty for the first time in my life though I dont desperately WANT anything

Food aversions: These change by the week. Zuccini was the latest "oh...noooo on this" but raw onions also hit the list. I'm hoping this isnt a sign of a picky eater. 

Symptoms: pregnancy induced CTS makes sleeping fun. nothing out of the ordinary: sleepy, hungry, still heartburny

Loving: the kicks and rolls. It's so fun having a little sidekick all the time (literally. he kicks my side) and I love sharing them with Mike and watching my stomach roll around. 

Loathing: I could do without the constant peeing at night and the hip pain. 

Missing: Rose. All Day. 

Doctor’s appointment: Every two weeks now! More ultrasounds coming up but so far everything checks out ok. 

Wedding Rings: Still on, though I take them off to sleep. 

Maternity Clothes: Gimme. Also, how many times is appropriate to sew up leggings before you buy new ones?

Movement: Pretty constant. Sometimes he gets a good rib shot in and that's not pleasant but I think I'll miss them. 

Best moment of the week: Probably when Mike said he could feel the kicks on his back at night. My dad always told me that when my mom rolled over at night, he could feel me kicking - so it was a little milestone in my head. This week Mike said that he could feel Baby H kicking him in the back. 

What I’m looking forward to: The ultrasounds next week and the baby shower coming up! 

What I did for baby: Pediatrician: CHECK. We have a crib y'all! Also, almost all the furniture is in place so I can start putting all the details in. 

What I need to do: Um, everything else? Daycare, buy ALLTHETHINGS, still cant get my work to figure out my maternity leave. Even though I have 22 work days left before I go out. 

What I learned this week: Baby classes are interesting places. 

Comments from Dad: I used to find it funny when I make Terri laugh so hard there is a legitimate threat of pee.  Now I just feel bad.  Kinda.