Friday, June 3, 2011

Atlanta, 2011

Back in March, Mike and I spent 5 days in Atlanta. The entire online album can be found here. I drove myself down after work one day, with my camera dying along the way. HOWEVER, Mike's handy dandy iPhone was a decent substitute. There's hundreds of photos in the Album but hopefully this can get you caught up.

Atlanta is big. 

We went to Coke World. IT WAS AWESOME

The Vortex makes amazing burgers, (our dinner)

We saw this octopus up close, at the Aquarium

and Mike made friends with a penguin

We hung out in the Olympic park

Goofing off at the Atlanta Zoo

Where we saw the new baby panda and his Mama. 

Gordon Biersch lunch!

(I'll come back to you one day, IKEA!)

and we came home with a baggie of goodies!

Be sure to check out the actual photo albums on Picassa web. :)

Artsplosure 2011

The morning after my birthday celebration, was ARTSPLOSURE, in downtown Raleigh.

The awesome sand sculpture.

I'd begged Mike to get a caricature, and he agreed. The guy was A LOT of fun to watch and talk to.

The whole core crew showed up. Proof we all survived the night before

They had tons of arts and crafts. Including these cool shadow pieces. 

Amococo was a giant, and I mean GIANT inflatable play room. 

with tons of passages, colors and sounds.

We had quite the time :)

I really do enjoy Raleigh. It's an awesome city. 

Birthday Morning

 Back in January, when Mike and I had the flu, I had wanted to take him to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. I finally got my shot.  Before that, however, we wandered around Downtown and found this cute turtle...thing? that I played on for a bit.

We had been to the Museum for the Wine and Cheese event in February, but we didnt get the real chance to play with the exhibits and explore. Mike was >this< close to winning the game he was playing when a little boy ran up and jumped in front of him. Needless to say, he didnt win. 

We went over to the insect area and were just in time for them to feed the poison dart frogs. APPARENTLY, they get their poison qualities from their food, so if you just feed them baby crickets, they are super colorful but not poisonous. New Goal: get mike to let me have dart frogs.

They have a new outdoor "Dino Walk," and the weather was super awesome and we had a ton of fun playing around on it and took a couple awesome pictures. 

After the Museum, we went to Cosmic for lunch. :) 

Quarter Century

         Welp, I made it to 25. This was the best birthday I could have imagined, and..well..nothing at all that I could have expected. Tons of shake-ups have happened within my personal life, and I was a bit worried of what as in store, but, yeah.. definitely super awesome. Mike and I ended up going to the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham that day (yup thats right, the OTHER POST ;) and then came home and got ready to go out. We went to dinner at Brewmasters, this new restaurant in downtown Raleigh, (which I took embarrassingly few photos at) and then we headed over to Rum Runners to wrap out the night. I'll leave you with the pics, as, well, they tell the story better than me :)

Apes made me red velvet cupcakes. They were delicious, and we
 shared with the waitress who was super appreciative and happy about it. 

We also shared glittery, party worthy, nails. 

It was nice to see who the best friends were. :)
We had a blast. 

Somehow, tattoos came out. Iunno. 

People requested songs for my birthday, but they never got played.
So, instead, when "Shannon" left before they celebrated her 21st bday,
I hopped up on stage.  

I am the luckiest

It was our birthdays. We had a blast :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 7th, 2011

Not long after Easter, we went home for Mother's Day. But, my mom had the bigger shock for me. My cute adorable old dog Peaches had a haircut... 

See for yourself:


After Dad ordered her shaven

Poor Puppy. She seemed happy though. 

Eastover 2011

What do you get when you mix Jewish Passover and Christian Easter?  In our house: Chocolate Matza desert and PLAGUE EASTER EGGS. Oh yes, thats correct. We dyed eggs, like I really really wanted to, but we drew the different plagues on them while watching "The Ten Commandments."

We had way too much fun figuring out how to draw all the plagues while Mike taught me about Passover. It was actually really nice and entertaining and a great way to spend the night. 

      The next morning, my Mom and Dad came down to take us out and to celebrate Easter with us. AND SHE BROUGHT AN AWESOME EASTER BASKET WITH HER. It had TONS of candy, an Ashe Co. shotglass, a wine holder, tons of candy, a really awesome book, tons of candy, some super smelly lotion and a Cracker Barrel gift card. We had a blast. 

 ARENT WE CUTE! I adore my parents. 

Wine Fest (4/16/11)

In my quest to update this silly blog to make it more manageable, we gotta go ALL THE WAY BACK to march... We'll get there, just bare with me, don't expect the updates to come in order til I get current again..just jump around  :)

On the way back..lets stop at April 16th. Mike and I ventured to the Wine Fest at kokobooth in Cary. It was a little overcast and cloudy, but..psh..its hours and hours of wine, so, off we went. Some storm clouds started gathering and they annouced over the speaker "a storm is coming in, so everyone should go to the covered porch." So, we did....

Mike, being the brilliant one, decided to bring in a couple bottles of wine. So we set up shop with the umberella and the wine until they annouced that we should to to our cars. Well, it was a torrential downpour, so we weren't about to run to the cars in that, so we sat it out and went back out after the rain to enjoy the rest of the festival. It wasnt until my mom called that we found out there was a tornado and we managed to drink our way through it...

Food You/We Missed

I take TONS of pictures of food. I thought I was weird and the only person (except food bloggers..lucky devils) til Mike's dad mentioned it this weekend. I'm also pretty sure my mom took pictures of the cakes she made me as a wee one..sooo, yup. Horray! Here's some of the food deliciousness of the last couple months. (See, really trying to get this up to date)

Kabob's on the grill, ala Mike

Free Birthday Pancakes at IHOP are amazingly delightful. 

Pizza is good. Homemade pizza is great. QED

Thin Mint Brownies: Mike and I devoured these way to quickly. 

Our own homemade pizza. 

See above post: Q.E.D 

I made Chicken Parm for the first time. :)

PB sammiches that remind me of my childhood

Terri can be bought off with Mexican Food. 

Mike can be bought with sushi.

Ok, now..I'm hungry....