Monday, October 26, 2015


Do you get to call it a weekend if you don't really do anything instagram worthy?
I dunno....

Friday night we watched Netflix and chilled..cuz duh. 
Saturday we spent hours on the phone with Samsung, ATT, DirectTV and Sirius..cuz ugh
Saturday afternoon/night we went to the Stanford Homecoming Game, which was SO much fun. We went with my coworker, her husband and brother and had a great time. 

Sunday we watched football, went errand running and generally chilled. 
Like I said, does it count as a weekend?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Traveling itch

I got this world map for Mike for our first wedding anniversary (paper!). Now before we talk about how that means we've been married for over a year, let's talk about wanderlust. Mike and I have been all over the place, and I'm itching to plan something new.  We're headed back to Asheville/NYC over Thanksgiving week but I think it's time to plan somewhere new. The question, is where?

We took a Cruise with Mike's folks and I really enojoyed it. I'm not a huge beach person though, but an ALASKA cruise.. well, that could be awesome. 
or Portland?
or somewhere outside the US - on a safari?

What's that? You're only still reading for pictures from the travels we've already taken?
Why haven't I blogged about these? OKOK. Got it. 
Sydney, Australia on the Harbor Bridge

Iao Needle, Hawaii

Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Somewhere in the Atlantic, Bahamas-ish

San Diego

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

I love when weekends start early, dont you?

David and Susan were in town this week, having driven from Las Vegas to LA and then up Hwy 1 to get to us, so Mike and I took off early on Thursday to meet up with them and go to dinner (and watch the Mets game)

Friday after brunch, we went to the Winchester Mystery House. Built by the crazy heir to the Winchester rifle fourtune, it's an absolute mess of a house - and what happens when you dont stop building for decades and have an unlimited source of money. If you're in San Jose, it's worth the hour tour just because its so..odd Our tour guide Tristan was...uhm...animated ;)  

Because it was such a gorgeous day, the four of us went across the street to Santana Row. Mike and David had fun in the Tesla store (see below) and we all enjoyed meandering through the California weather on a friday afternoon.

We had dinner on Friday night at Rok, which I've blogged about here. It's always a fun place to go if you want to work a bit for your steak ;) Also, fondue is fantastic. If you go - get the smores for desert. 

Saturday was spent brunching and watching football (and the mets). Shiva enjoyed having her grandparents around - that's for sure. I mean, who doesnt love some extra cuddles and spoiling. 

Sunday, as it should be, is a day of rest. Getting ready for the week while watching (what else) football and the mets. I just have one last pic for you. Mike is an animal magnet. I swear all three of them would follow him off the planet. Yes, Shiva looks sad - Mike was petting Oi and not her!