Getting to Know Us...

Him:  Long Islander by birth, hippie by nature. 
Fatal Flaw: Tweaking - vacay plans or fantasy teams
Best at: taking things apart. Worst at: putting things together
craft beer enthusiast, travel moreenthusiast
scientist, engineer, hacker, haiku writer

Her: NC born and raised. 
Thinks anything can be cured by potatoes and/or glitter.  
Watches football while wearing heels,
discusses quantum physics while watching Real Housewives,
 talks fashion while drinking a beer. 
Walking, talking, breathing contradiction. 

Old man cat. Grumpy. Loves tuna, hates chicken, 
Curious by nature but skiddish and apprehensive. 
Best Friend is a milk ring. 
Addicted to cat nip.
Arch nemesis is a small stuffed buffalo. 

A 3 year old dumpster cat. No desire for catnip.
Enjoys attacking from under blankets.
 Feathers are her weakness, 
she loves to sleep on shoes and doesn't like loud noises. 
She really wants to be friends with Shiva, if she wasn't so..LOUD

Shibeast. Shishi. Mama. 
Recently discovered how to bark, dig and jump over gates. 
Chewing is her favorite pastime. 
Very smart, very dumb. Very ours. 
She's the baby, for now ;)