Friday, November 11, 2011

On the importance of glitter..

Earlier this week, I went on a boot hunt. I NEED shoes for fall and winter. I can not go with just rainbows and ballet flats, my feets get cold. Then Mike has to suffer. I ventured out to the mall, (where I did not find the boots) but I found this:

I love you, coat.
SERIOUSLY? Shut the front door. I have been craving a glittery jacket for my entirelife weeks. It'd be perfect for so many happy occasions, including every day, because err'ybody needs more glitter. There it was. It was IN MY SIGHT:  Sequin, rose gold jacket. In the store window. Oh Forever 21, this was your chance. However, inside, it was no where to be found. There was no rose gold, no gold gold, not even the black one (which was also in the store window.) And the window one was a size 2. I was so sad, I stopped the search for boots, for blazers or for bras, and went home (with comfort food in Chick fil A) (ok FINE, and I stopped at Lindor for truffles) So so sad.

I'm still on the hunt.

I seriously need a sequin blazer.

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