Monday, March 11, 2013

Working Woman pt 2


So, I've officially been at work for a week now. 
I think I'm going to be pretty happy here.

I've sat on some meetings, met some of my coworkers and finally figured out a path to my cubicle without getting lost. So I call the first week a success. 

Wanna see some shots of my first week at work?
Nervous on my first say the least. 
making my desk seem more..homely
I'm finding a balance between coffee and water.
 I'm also having to beef up my wardrobe a bit. 
My last position was in a college environment, so jeans and beer tshirts were normal and acceptable. 
Not so much anymore. 
So, I've been on the hunt for more business casual clothing. 
Looks like I'll have to care when JCrew, Gap, and Nordstrom have their sales this year. 

And, THAT, my friends is the life of this working woman. 

1 comment:

  1. Gap and Old Navy are awesome for building up the business casual wardrobe on the cheap. Target too.

    I'm glad you like your new job!