Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Update

So, maybe it isnt this weekend. 
This weekend was just chores, and naps, and..yeah. 
Last Weekend was much better. 

I scored a couple tickets from T7L for when
 we're up in NY at the end of the month. 
Should be a blast. 

Mike and I met after work for some drinks and dinner, 

then headed home for some Olive snuggles. 

(Psst, they had these lillies in the bathroom at the bar, and they were fantastic. 

I love weekend mornings. 
Shiva always snuggles into bed early for some extra cuddles. 

After dragging myself out of bed, it was run time. 

THEN, sushi time!

Finally, we were off for a little retail therapy. 
I found a halloween costume. 

I also took some time to peruse the Kate Spade store. 
I promised myself if I ran/did power yoga consistently,
 I would buy myself the wallet I've been craving. 
So, I went to get myself some inspiration. 

I made waffles 
(with the waffle maker from our shower)

I painted my nails (it's important)

Then tucked into some football for the day.

Linking up, for the first time in a while. 
Trying to pull this blogging thing off again. <3
still being [molly]

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  1. I love your moccasins, they are soo cute and look nice and warm :)