Tuesday, October 8, 2013

D&B: or, How I Learned to stop being afraid of Zombies and love the Dinosaurs.

A few weeks ago, 
Mike and I went to Dave and Busters. 

I've been, yes, when I turned 21. 
7 years ago. Yesterday.
There's one really close to us, 
so we decided to give it a shot.

Mr. Video Game was in heaven!

We LOVED the Jurassic Park game, 

the photobooth, 

and the cut the rope game. 

We even got a nice set of tickets going...

Then..Mike saw the 4D zombie. 
Let's list the things I don't like. 
1. Zombies, 2. being scared, 3. things jumping at me, 4. zombies. 

Well, marriage means killing zombies together. 
So, I played.

Not scary..
(well, the zombies that had 8 legs were..)
BUT, the breeze on my neck was nice. 

We ended the night with a nice set of tickets, 
and I think we'll be back. :)

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