Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

So maybe this weekend has been the best for revamping ye olde blog, considering all I've done is clean and chill but LAST WEEKEND was totally worth revisiting. 
On Friday, I went back over to Bigsby House where Pualani made my hair all gorge and red again. 

Saturday we went up to on Oakland for the Athletics game. The pictures speak for themselves and yes, you really DO see Darth Vader and a little baby Chewbacca. It was Star Wars night! Mike grabbed one of the R2D2 A's beanies and we stayed afterwards to watch the fireworks. The A's lost, but, hey - ya can't beat baseball in the summer.



Sunday, we had to go take my car to get serviced - so we bumbled around and found Niles, California. It's the cutest little old railroad town. It has a small mainstreet with an amazing brunch spot called The Vine. While we waited for our table, we walked around the town. We stumbled onto the Railway Museum (only open on Sunday) and some gorgeous tile work and old buildings before amazing breakfast nachos. Eventually, the car got fixed and errands had to be run. But, yeah..Cali has some nice little spots if you stumble onto em. 


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