Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Traveling itch

I got this world map for Mike for our first wedding anniversary (paper!). Now before we talk about how that means we've been married for over a year, let's talk about wanderlust. Mike and I have been all over the place, and I'm itching to plan something new.  We're headed back to Asheville/NYC over Thanksgiving week but I think it's time to plan somewhere new. The question, is where?

We took a Cruise with Mike's folks and I really enojoyed it. I'm not a huge beach person though, but an ALASKA cruise.. well, that could be awesome. 
or Portland?
or somewhere outside the US - on a safari?

What's that? You're only still reading for pictures from the travels we've already taken?
Why haven't I blogged about these? OKOK. Got it. 
Sydney, Australia on the Harbor Bridge

Iao Needle, Hawaii

Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Somewhere in the Atlantic, Bahamas-ish

San Diego

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