Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why a new list? Why a new blog?

So, I started a new 101 things list, and I also started a new blog. "I triceratops...' only reminded me of bad memories, so I had to clean that out.

Life, Liberty and Wine. This blog will serve as a driving force to finish the goals on my list, pushing my -Life- to new comfort zones.... I had to make a new one, but Ill get to that in a moment. I feel pretty free - Liberated - even, and I feel pretty confident moving into things. And -Wine- ... needs no explanation.

When I looked over my old list, alot of things just were not valid anymore. I have a 401K now, thanks to my job, I don't need to repaint my entire apartment, I moved into a new one, and I don't have to make my tank awesome, I got rid of it. I did fly by myself, but that's a memory I don't mind forgetting, so it didn't make the new list.

I'm excited about this new one. I think it'll lead to awesome fun times. I have a couple people that are willing to join me on alot of my crazy adventures, so, things are looking up.

Stick around :)

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