Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is HERE

I spent weeks and months away from a computer. It helped to have a mini computer, ala McD, but it's not quite the same. I am back. Horray. I will do my best to catch up. We shall see how it goes. My mom and dad brought me some holiday decorations. First up, MY TREEEE. The cats are probably demolishing it as we speak, but, they can not kill my love of the tree. My mom and I decorated it in an NCSU theme. I happened to have a Anti Carolina button, if you look closely I think you can find it. It was my first time actually getting to decorate MY APARTMENT. So, I got to do an awesome table centerpiece with a really pretty silver charger and a advent calender.

Finally, today, the weather finally got a bit frightful. No work, so I kept inside and caught up on some sleep. Some desperately needed sleep.

Happy Christakah

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