Friday, March 11, 2011

Mike's Return!

Welp, the man has returned from his South Dakota trip. I have an obsession with shot glasses. I love getting them when friends (or myself) travel to places. Mike, being awesome, picked me up one from each airport he went to. So, I present you with Michigan, Minnesota, and South Dakota.
Here's a little closeup on the Minnesota one, which is ADORABLE. I love the moose and the bear.

Thursday night I decided to make Mike some of his favorites to celebrate his return, and preemptively his acceptance into the MBA program at NCSU. (Seriously, I couldn't be more proud) So, I made a Cesar salad , which tasted just as good as it looks, that we quickly ate out of the giant mixing bowl...
....while the lasagna cooked in the oven. The flash attacked this picture and made it less awesome. But, the lasagna was layers and layers of beefy sauce, cheese and noodles..and it was delicious. 
Based on my mom's recommendation (and really, never argue with your mother....especially about food), I picked up these lil individual pies for dessert. 
Mike tried really really hard to wait so I could get a picture before he scarfed the rest of them down. Seriously, delicious. 
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Good to be home, no?

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