Monday, March 14, 2011

Raleigh St. Patrick's Day Parade!

On an absolutely lovely Saturday afternoon, Raleigh had an annual St. Patricks Day parade, and Mike and I ventured out to see it. There were TONS of people lining the streets all around the parade route, which  was really cool, and there was a great atmosphere and mixture of adults, families and students. 

Mike and I found comfy spot on a streetcorner, right around some lovely families. I instantly fell into adore with the three little ones below. I absolutely loved two that were scrambling for candy and dancing along with the bands, and the little girl with her glorious tiara and hot pink earguards . 

There was quite parade of classic cars, which made me think of my dad. So, here ya go daddy :) (click on the pic to make it bigger)

They only thing that was more represented than old cars, was awesome puppies. There were tons of Irish wolfhounds (I want one..) and even some greyhounds in costumes. 

I even reminisced a little bit about my days in Marching Band and all the hours and days and trips spent marching here, and in Charlotte, and in NOLA, etc. It was kinda entertaining. 

Remember the cute dancing boy? Yup, here ya go. :)

And, no NC parade would be complete without a tractor. 

There were drum corps complete with kilts and NCSU drums :)

And of course, all the local mascots made an appearance: The Durham Bulls (and if you look closely at one of the classic cars the Carolina Mudcat is inside)

We really had an excellent time. I didnt realize how much I had missed, and would enjoy, a local parade, but I'm super glad we spent a glorious day outside in our pretty awesome city. :)

Tomorrow: the ATL adventure begins

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