Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's Go Mets

A while back, 
Mike and I went to a Mets Game. 
At AT&T Park. 

I'm not a huge "lets go somewhere and cheer for the visiting team" person, 
but, this one was kinda fun. 
The adults don't really care, 
but listening to the kids reactions to seeing a Mets jersey was HILARIOUS. 

In the parking lot, there were a couple "EWWW! METS FANS!"
but the real hilarious part, was when I went to the bathroom. 

This little boy, maybe around 6, watched me with WIDE EYES
as I walked into a stall, then he whisper-yelled to his mom 
to which she responded
"maybe she has to go?"

Yes, I laughed out loud. 
Yes I was still laughing when I came face to face with him at the sinks. 

The view from the stadium is GORGEOUS.  

We had stellar seats, and the people directly behind us were also Mets fans. 
Later in the game, a group of guys sat next to us, also Mets fans.  

Around the 7th inning, 
We celebrated appropriately, as the sun set.  

It was shortly afterwards that the fans sang along
to "Don't Stop Believing" 
and then all of them promptly left. 

I guess they stopped believing. 

We stayed for the rest of the game, 
enjoyed a Mets win, 
and happily went home listening to the replay on the radio. 

I guess this counts as 1 of my sporting events for the 27/27 list.
BUT, I have a feeling we'll be going to a lot more. 

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