Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like a Fish!

I mentioned that we took Shiva to the beach this weekend. 
She'd never been around water before: not a lake, a beach, even a large creek. 
So, we weren't sure how she would take to it. 
We packed her in the car, drove the hour up to Half Moon Bay, and crossed our fingers. 
As soon as she was off the leash at the beach..well, just look at the photos. 


We also met a very LARGE puppy. The big guy absolutely dwarfed Shiva, 
but they hit it off and LOVED playing together.  
size reference


Poor thing was so sleepy when she got back in the car, she was asleep before we left the parking lot. 
She barely moved when we pulled into the brewery for dinner. 

(Don't worry about the heat, it was 58* that day, the windows were open and we checked on her often..during which she was still sleeping)

We're definitely planning on taking her back as much as possible. 
I think she slept for two days straight afterwards. 

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