Friday, July 15, 2011

July 6th, CIRQUE!

GO SEE IT, if you get the chance. 
After the AWESOME job I did of twisting my knee, Mike and I decided that Alegria from Cirque du Solei was rare enough to go see, CRUTCHES AND ALL.

Mike took a great picture of of late..
It turns out the RBC center is actually really helpful for handicaps. When I arrived, they let us go park right up front and then tons of people held the doors open. Then, they let us trade in our seats for some accessible ones, and the lady at customer service had the "wheelchair team" come over. They wheeled me to our seat, then after the show they came and picked me up and wheeled me to the front door. AND THEY WERENT GETTING PAID. If nothing else, being cripple has made me discover how good people are. BUT, enough talking..I'm tempted to buy the DVD to be able to pass it around and relive the moment...

we had a while at our seats to goof off..

awe. (also, $11 beers FTW)

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