Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wine and Painting

Lets just say..thats practically all I did this last few days. Wine and painting. 

Thursday night,  I went to Polka-Dot Palette in Cary. They had the most adorable dog in the history of dogs and offer a lot of different classes, starting from a completely blank canvas. It was a little bit scary. They had a lot of paintings I would like to go back and do. One of which is the koi you see in the corner.. :)

With C and our awesome paintings...

 They let you design your own labels. I decided to go super dorky and do resveratrol, along with my graduation year. 

 Saturday night, I ventured back out to Cary to Wine and Design. It was with the TWE so they had free wine tastings and everyone brought something delicious. This time, the paining was a bit more "paint by numbers" and they were a bit less "experimental" in terms of where to put your colors. I never listen to directions (and neither did B), so mine looked completely different. I had to make  it match the other one! Obviously..  Anyway, W&D definitely had some more intricate paintings. I really want to go do the Raleigh Skyline, and the NCSU belltower.

Me and B with our paintings
my finished product. (check out how the
green bottles match..even the label!)

Me with both my masterpieces. 

I had a lot of fun, and it definitely inspired me to look at picking up painting as a habit. I cleared having a "houseful of canvas" with Mike, and he was fine with it. With him starting his MBA, I gotta find more stuff to keep me busy :)

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