Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March 27th- Mike's Bday Present!: Hurricanes vs Canadiens

For Mike's birthday (yes, back in January, hushhh) I got him super tickets to an upcoming Carolina Hurricanes Game. The day finally came sooo, off we went. 

What better to way to start of a birthday celebration, than with a birthday milkshake from Zaxbys?

Thats right, Priority Lounge, Section 102. 

I love seeing the Caniacs out in full speed. We were in playoff contention at the time of the game, and the crowd was LOVING it. 

Told you: Awesome Seats

We love Cam Ward. He's an awesome player for the 'Canes and super fun to watch. 

Also, Mike being the WWF fan that he is/was, and myself the WCW and NC resident that I am, really gotta kick out of seeing Ric Flair pop up on the jumbo screen after every goal... "WOOOOOO!"

Remember the All-Star game we went to? (Of Course you do!) Well, here's a shot of our seats for this game, versus our seats for the All Star Game. We were right underneath he scoreboard (that you cant read from here) and behind the Championship banners. 

What's one of the best parts of hockey? The fights! This game definitely kept up its end of the bargain with a pretty gnarly one at the end of the last period because of some rude goalie treatment by Montreal. 

AND, an insanely rare sight: Gleason (a Cane's player) checked one of the Montreal guys into the glass. No big deal right?..Normally, except for this time: WHEN IT SHATTERED THE GLASS. 

Overall, it was an insane night. The Cane's won (by a ton) and I got to be on the big screen! The two kids sitting next to us were hilariously fun to watch and interact with and we got to see an awesome hockey match. I can guarantee you, we will be back :)

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