Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raleigh Beer Fest

Welp, Spring has Sprung and you know what that means: It's time for festivals! First up, the Raleigh Beer festival!

Note the pretzel necklaces. they are crucial, and I mean, crucial. FINALLY this year, we remembered to bring plenty and managed to spread the wealth to some of our friends throughout the event. I will definitely make sure to bring those later. 

I think, in the photo, I was stepping in a puddle and caught myself in the weird looking downface. BUT, I am super proud that  Blowing Rock has its own brewery! Finally, I have something to stand up against when Mike mentions the NY breweries he adores. (Hopefully, the next time we go up then we can see the brewery
 The crowds are ginormous and the night session is always the more fun one. Plenty of people, beer and laughs to go around. This year.....

has become the year of BAD WEATHER festivals! Starting with beer fest. The torrential downpours were ridiculous! There were puddles everywhere, and I slipped and busted my butt, but the picture below is the lines for the bathroom, (horray porta potties), that is lined up underneath a nearby tent. 

We met up with a ton of people and managed to snap a few different photos. Here's one of -some- of the extended group. We still manged to miss some of our favorite people though. 

Oh well. Raleigh beer fest - Success :)

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