Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sushi Dinner and Setting Goals

I had huge plans for August. No, really, I did. I had EVERY MEAL written out, recipes marked, lists made, blog posts I was gonna make. It was gonna be awesome.

And then life got real.

Seriously, Monday I worked 10 hours and had one of those days. Tuesday and Wednesday were wash, rinse and repeats. By Friday, I was pooped. I managed to scrap together 2 actually "made" meals last week (and one of those was totally bagged salad), and none of which were photographically worthwhile. This week, is gonna be equally rough, but I'm gonna attempt to do it all. (BA!)

On Saturday, a bunch of friends went to Beer Bourbon and BBQ, and had a blast.. there was a HUGE group of us. I will do my best to post a whole post about it tomorrow, when I can sort out the pictures a bit more.

told you, HUGE group. 

Today was a day for recoup and trying to prep for the upcoming week. Mike and I managed to make it to the grocery store, fix my car, mow the lawn and then SUSHI DINNER. Horray. We tried out a new place in North Raleigh, TASU, which has BOGO sushi every day.

now THIS, is a sushi menu. 
 Have I mentioned how horrible I am at chopsticks? I try, but I always end up completely smushing a piece or two before I get enough hang of it to eat some.

no worries. we'll be back. 

i love the "two spoons" part. <3

Ok, so, hopefully, we can get on top of the game this week and get some stuff done. Til then, I will dream of Bagel rolls and bourbon. <3

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  1. We love this place! :D

    My fav rolls...
    Special Maguro