Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brew Day! Pumpkin Ale!

Duct Tape Thermometer: Classy
12:52, Mike wonders why I'm not upstairs documenting his new brewventure. I'm still healing, and not willing to give up my couch potato status. "BUT! How am I going to remember that I popped the yeast at 12:45?!?"  Time to shift into advanced healing.

1:21, After trying to work on my resume and failing due to head poundings and the lack of coffee, I'm back to la blog. Mike's steeping and watching the pot.

goop, or malt, whichever you prefer
1:26, A lively debate over book vs google in terms of brewing knowledge or learning a new skill. It should be noted that this debate is going on strictly on Mike's side of the room, as he talks himself in and out of both.  The little yeasts are growing in their baggy and the soontobe-beer is in the not too cold, not to hot water.

say it with me now..
1:52. Mike is on the hunt for brown sugar. "Add the sweetness, Sweetness." I can officially say I helped now. Also, malt extract looks gross and goopy, and I have taken to calling the grains "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINZ" in a zombie voice.

2:26 Ladies and gents, We have a boil.

2:37. "I got me some good yeast, I am a happy Man"
mmm, floaty pumpkin bits

2:54. Me "is there anything exciting happening?" Mike "no"

3:15 He's added the pumpkin into the brew. Did you know pumpkin is a fruit? 5 minutes left to boil, then we have operation cool down.

3:26 I'm supposed to go outside and help turn on the water spicket. spigot? really.. spicket is spelled spigot? weird..ANYWAY, I'm supposed to go outside and turn on the water, but Milton lives nearby and we already angered him once today. He's grown a crap ton, and I am not a fan of him moving closer to me.

Floaty Ice oooo!
3:33. Operation COOLDOWN has begun. We started sawing open the water bottles we bought. We have a goal of 15 minutes to cool down, since last time took 2 hours. The bottles are completely frozen so there's a ton of freakin cold water squirting everywhere. I completely ruined my nails (oh hush up, I know) Mike has frozen toes and is questioning my blogging judgement.. "So, it's more important to you to blog this *now*, than to get me a towel?"

3:45, we are out of tools to cool down the beer. its 75. Holy crap, that worked...

4:02, While waiting for the brita to fitlter to add the end of the water. Mike reviews, edits and corrects my post. Awe, couples who blog together... well, until he scurries to take the OG: 1.060 and it "tastes great" Apparently, that means it's be a

4:26 Beer is fermenting. Mike is cleaning. All is well in the HershLer household.

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