Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I tend to become obsessed with certain things. Then, I stalk them. I have to prove to myself that they're something I want more than 20minutes, and THEN, I can have them. This LustStalk gets worse when I have little money...

Late last year, I fell in love with this awesome coat from I watched as it trickled down from 112.05 to 52.94 , and then as the choices in color when to Khaki and the one I wanted "Doe" and then ..low and behold, there was only 1 size left. US Size 8. Now, normally. I wear a size 8. So, you think this should be perfect. HOWEVER, it's a it should be alittle large right? and the sleeves? what if they're too small? or what if the color looks like baby poop on me? UGH, normally. I would go to the store and try it on, but, asos is from the UK, soo yeah, I bit the bullet...

Buy me!

AND THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY FIT LIKE A GLOVE. Seriously, the sleeves are perfect, color looks AMAZING, and its definitely "my style." I wish I had a great picture so you could see the back, but, that will have to wait.. AND I saved $60! 

Inspired by my awesome luck, I started allowing myself a bit more LustStalk. So far, I only have three tiny wishes...
$148, VS, it's a steal

First off, because now I have an awesome coat in Khaki, I need one in a darker color, right? My new favorite neutral...yup, leopard. I first started wanting the MadMen leopard trench from Banana Republic, but I kinda like the large graphic print on this, and the darker hue. It's cheaper too, soo, maybe a sale will hit soon?

only $34?!

You may have seen my Sephora blockbuster palette from two Christmases ago. The only real complaint I had with the SUPER HUGE PALETTE, well ok 2, was that 1) I didnt really know how to blend and mix the shadows without playing with 80+ randomly, and I dont have that kinda time, and 2) the lipglosses suck. They're great for *right that second* but, you have no chance of reapplying unless you take it with you. ENTER the pallet from the lovely ladies at Allure magazine. They have instructional videos on line, and you can pop each little set out and take it with you, ALSO, LOOK! They have real live glosses, that you can carry, and keep applying! Horray! I have a mini goal set for the rest of August, if it works, we shall be the newest owner of this lovely set. Ohhh, yes we will. :)

$54, oh nordstrom, you devil..
Oh, sparkles are important to me. I would have never known this little beauties existed, had Apes never worn them out one night to Big Boss. They added the neatest little POP of sparkle, and I've heard Toms are seriously comfy. Plus, for every pair bought, another pair is donated to kids in need. If I get the new job at DreamJobPlace, I will buy these with my first paycheck. I dont care if they skyrocket. It's all about goals here people. 

Hopefully, this teeny little list makes it through the rest of the week. It's been rough. Also, Mike is drawing on my toe, as he desperately needs a shirt ironed for tomorrow, and apparently the Iron is not his friend. Goodnight :)

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