Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girls Night Out

Everyone needs one occasionally, and this was mine. Possibly my oldest friend is getting ready to move to NYC for school, and though waters have gotten choppy, she's still the closest confidant I've got. So, I was thrilled to get all dressed up and head to Carrboro to see her for one last dinner date.. (for now)

I feel like I should be forced to explain the super girly photo below. B  made me a makeup addict, and then showed me her AMAZING Sephora makeup "Blockbuster" palette. I waited, not so patiently, til last christmas and scooped it up as soon as it hit shelves. Ive used it ever since, and as you can see, barely touched it. The lip glosses aren't the best, but the shadows, blushes, liners and pencils are awesome. Needless to say, whever I use it, I think of her, sooo yeah, it's totally fitting. Also, please ignore the broken into 2905729014812 pieces toilet, Mike's in the process of "fixing" it.

After getting ready, I traveled on down to Carrboro. I've really never been, since its a 40minute drive, but it really seems worth it. I mentioned to Mike renting a cheap hotel somewhere there and making a weekend vacation of it (right in the backyard almost.) B mentioned some awesome bars, ice cream places, and brunch eateries, paired with the tons of things to do in Chapel Hill and (now I need to find "activities" in Carrboro)

you know it's good if this is the only photo I take.

We ate at ACME and  we both got the steak. B mentioned that the crab cakes were equally amazing, but possibly not the grouper. Anyway, two bottles of wine and an AMAZING peach /blueberry cobbler later (or 3 hours..however YOU measure time). We had covered just about every subject, chatted the whole time, and was faced with the fact, that we had to leave. :-(

Oh well, we're having a goodbye party on Friday for her, and Mike does live in Long Island, so I'm not too tore up about "never seeing her again." But, I do adore her for introducing me to new places, new make up and always having my backs.

Good Times

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