Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Head Start!


There are a few things that I get so obsessed with that I never get very far from. Sephora's blockbuster was one, Sparkle Toms (soon to be mine) are another, and occasionally, a DIY project will tickle the same bone.

So a few months ago, when I was perusing Design Sponge  and found this project, I was in love. I've always wanted to be a journal keeper. Someone who had books and books of heartfelt page filled with the day to day.


I'm not

This little fruit basket, index card journal, would be a wonderful little way to document the BIG things (or tiny things) that happen every day. Dinner dates, sweet notes, game changers..I just keep thinking about how cool it could be to look back and see what I chose on 12-13-08.  I started a mental hunt for all the goodies I would need to pull this off. 

And, after I found this on Anthropologie, I'm hooked. As soon as our "do not buy anything" ban is up, I'm totally scooping her up, plopping her on the countertop and getting my 2012 resolution firmly in place.

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