Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Dreamin

Just a few of the goodies I wouldnt mind (nope, not one bit) finding underneath my Christmakkah tree. <3
1: Who doesn't need a super cute cookie jar

2: A lovely eggplant purple cape to wrap up in, a steal at only $952

3: Seriously,this super convenient awesome glitter package would look STELLAR in my stocking, and on millions of projects. (Rumor on the street, is you can find a 50% off coupon easily on the Michaels website, to use in store..just sayin Santa..I'm here to help you, really)

4: Ladylike North Carolina pride! 

5: One step closer to being Hermione. This is actually an adorable 'out for drinks' bag

6: Ok, so maybe I don't NEED more measuring cups. (At all actually) But, these are so stinkin' cute!

7: Ask Mike. I squealed when I saw these. The 'neutral' color is already catching my eye. I've been looking for a ceramic fruit box for years now. 

8: We saw something similar at a friend's house and we started to adore it. Maybe it's time to bring one into the family. 

9: Finally, a trio of metallic polishes to wrap up the holidays. 

Finally back into the land of the computer. Just starting the process of catch up. Good luck on the Hawridays everyone. I'll be around :) 

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