Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holidays :)

It's definitely beginning to shape up in the Hershler House. (get it? totes cute) 

Last night, our tree topper was delivered so we finally finished off the tree. 

new traditions have begun, old ones have continued and the season is in swing. 

A quick glance at some of our favorite ornaments:

Mike's GT yellow jacket and my NCSU block S have snuggled up together, with the yellow submarine (that we scored in Vegas at LOVE

And a cute little antique. Baby's first christmas ornament.
My mom held onto that for the last 25 years, well 24 til I stole it last year. 

Now, I just need to grab a wreath for our door ala Apes and we'll be good to go. 

Hope your Season is spectacular so far

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