Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012!


I think it should be painfully obvious that I'm willing to say goodbye to 2011, real fast. I'm VERY grateful for my trips with Mike, our wonderful friends and family, and the blessings that we had, but the overall injuries both mental and physical, robberies and break-ins were almost too much for me to bear. I have high hopes for 2012, and I look forward to getting it started. I'm really going to embrace this blog and see where it takes me. 

By the time this posts, I'll be out in Asheville with some "new" friends to celebrate NYE, and I couldn't be more excited.

Oh, and as far as resolutions go, along with the ever present "get fit, drink more water, meditate, yadda yadda", my big resolution is to say YES more often. I want to go outside of my comfort zone just a little more and see what life brings. Mike's is to be more "present" in the moment. Experience the here and now.

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