Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best DAY ever

This -is- a recap of my Valentine's Day, but DON'T click away just yet!
 Big news down below. 

The day started out fine.

My Mom and dad got me a snazzy snuggie,

and a super pretty necklace. 

 I painted my nails for the holiday. 

Then, the awesome started. 

I got this text, which made me cry. 

My awesome Vday present is PERFECT. 

Then Mike surprised me with beautiful tulips. 

Then, I got a phone call from the company I interviewed for. 
My parents, Mike and I skyped and cheers-ed with wine to celebrate. 

Long after the East Coast went to sleep,
THIS happened. 


Shiva and I curled our happy little selves up, 
 with some wine and panda express (for me), 
toys and bones (for her), 
and watched movies til late in the night. 

Ok, she slept. 

and slept some more..

But, Mike comes home tonight, and we have an AWESOME weekend planned. 
Yesterday was pretty spectacular. 
Come to think of it, my life is pretty spectacular. 


  1. Congratulations!!! You did have an amazing day. Such pretty gifts :-)

  2. So sweet! I LOVE the tulips! And congrats on the job!!!!

  3. Congrats on the job! Your entire day rocked it.

    That is the snazziest snuggie I've ever seen.