Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Update

This was a pretty relaxed weekend. 
I think we're both kinda prepping for me to start the new job. 


I met Mike for lunch at a stellar little Mexican Place. 

Then, I came home and cleaned some more 
(Operation Deep Clean before The Job), 
and then made an insane dinner. 

Then we hung around playing games and talking, 
while the animals gave themselves baths.  


Mike and I headed to Mountain View, 
to watch the NCSU vs UNC game with Teresa. 
(A fellow Fourpler and NCSSMer) 

Then we all hung around for a little bit, for a West Coast NCSSM reunion. 
We got to chat with some of our favorite people, and meet the new chancellor. 
Much better than Bore-man. Ugh. 


We started a favorite new tradition on Sunday. 
Coffee and chats and watching Shiva play. 

Then we made a big batch of smoothies. 

After facetiming with our Raleigh peeps, 
we settled into watch the Oscars. 

Olive was a HUGE Avengers fan. 

Then to celebrate the best picture Argo. 

and made a delicious galette! 
(recipe to follow)

Then, Mike and I watched a very adult educational movie. 

We're super. Thanks for asking. 

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  1. Sounds perfect :) PS I've been missing you lady. You need to post more often :) or just tweet/instagram me more