Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was definitely fantastic. 
After such a good Valentine's day,
 it had a tall order to fill, 
but, it did. 
Oh, it did. 


Mike flew in late Friday night, 
so Saturday afternoon we were thrilled to head to our first
San Francisco Beer Fest event. 
It was really close, so we cabbed it out, 
in BEAUTIFUL 70* weather. 

I also found's a beer, 
that is brewed like a sparkling wine. 
Quite tasty. 


We dropped Shiva off at the boarder and headed north. 
We stopped in Calistoga at Hans Fahden for a little tasting and tour. 
(Beautiful grounds)

Then, we headed to Chateau Montelena. 
If you've seen the movie "Bottle Shock" -this- is the vineyard. 
If you haven't seen the movie. Go do it.

They had beautiful grounds (I sense a theme here..)
and fantastic wine. There was also a nice hallway full of the winery's history.  

Our last stop was out to Paradise Ridge. 
The owners had purchased a large amount of Burning Man art, 
that was located on the grounds

And again, the views and wines were terrific.  

After we checked into our hotel, we found ourselves at risibisi for dinner. 
FANTASTIC risotto with shredded beef. 


Although the weather was less cooperative, 
we started out at Cline Cellars. 
If you go there, ask for Gayle in the tasting room.
She's FANTASTIC, and really makes everyone feel special. 

We then went across the street to Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. 
They also have an olive oil press, which is very cool. 
Can you guess how the wines were? 
I loved the look of this place, old world Italian architecture and wines. 

For lunch, we went up to Viansa,  

then back down to Gloria Ferrar to see the grounds and 
check our their award winning sparkling wines. 

Eventually, it was time to leave.
We stopped on the way home for sushi, 
at our new favorite sushi place, 

then headed home to open a bottle of wine to celebrate 
-my new job!-. 
(Yes, we opened more wine..don't judge)

It was actually a bottle we picked up in Kansas during our road trip in November. 
So, it was a little sweet to feel the circle come all the way around  

One final shot, 
my tulips started to bloom! 

Another excellent weekend, 
and another set of venues to look at. 
Certainly can't complain about life right now :)

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