Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekend Update


I took Shiva off to her daycare (that she LOVES) 
and gave the kittens their weekend provisions, 

then I got all our bags packed and drove to SFO to meet Mike.

After failing to squeeze in a few hours on our flight to Dallas, 
I settled into the last leg of the flight with my iPad (and Game Change). 
BONUS TIP: If you're flying, always get the ginger ale. They tend to just give you the whole can, because not a lot of people ask for it. Little things!

We landed in Fort Lauderdale, grabbed a cute heart donut 

and oogled the scenery in the airport.  
Tiles and fountains

Tile? or Carpet that LOOKS like tile?
Butterfly inlay
 After scoring our car, 
we were on a mission to score some food!
Diner for the win!

We checked into the hotel, 
we took some time to relax and nap, 
then headed out to dinner with a couple of Mike's friends.  
Buddha beer
heart shaped sushi. 


Another early morning, 
another heart donut. 

Then we settled in at Mike's grammas house. 
At one point, we took a walk around and found beautiful flowers, 
and got a little Vitamin D drunk.  

After spending the day there, 
 we headed out (around 9:30) to a local sports bar. 
UFC has never been my thing, 
but, I found myself cheering for the local guy. Bigfoot.  

We grabbed lunch with Grandma Glorida, 
then headed back to Gramma Ann's house for her BIRTHDAY!
Strawberry shortcake with a purple candle
 Eventually, it was time to leave. 
We hopped on our Jet Blue flight, 
and flipped on the Super Bowl. 

It was definitely pretty cool in the beginning because everyone was cheering and clapping, 
a high sports bar, if you will. Then, the mood changed. Oh well, it was a good game. 
It also DEFINITELY helped pass the time. 

Another weekend for the books. 
We were both VERY glad to spend time with Grandma Ann on her birthday. 

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  1. Fabulous weekend getaway!

    Super cute polka dot pedi.

    I'd love to be south right now, I'm sick of this cold.