Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tour the Stick

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the famous (or infamous, depending on your preferences), and though I'm a firm Carolina Panthers fan, it was pretty cool. I can't recall all the stories our tour guide told, but there were a lot, and I can't tell you all the details behind all these photos, but I'll do my best.

First things first, you get to park right up next to the stadium.
And you just might get lucky. 

Then you get to walk through an empty stadium, 
and look at all the cool murals and memorials hanging. 
Our tour guide, Amanda, know everything there was to know. 
So, just trust me that there's cooler stuff to be heard. 

Then, the super cool parts begin. 
You can see the media room, (well, you can't GO in)
BUT, you can take your picture in front of the background that you see on TV.

Ever wonder what the view is from those super swanky, fancy, EXPENSIVE boxes?
Well, you can see that too. 

Then you can walk down to the field. 

Then, you can go into the visitor locker room. (meh)
BUT, THEN, you get to go into the 49ers locker room. 

Then, Amanda went around and had people sit in lockers, 
well, in front of, but you get the idea. 
Who's locker did I sit in?
Mr. Kaepernick himself. 
I totally sat in it first, but apparently have lost the pictures. 
So, Mike did the job later. 

I could be converted. It's true.  

Then you can run down the tunnel, tapping on the air vent, 

give Mr. Walsh a tap,  

and run onto the field. 

For the record, they totally encourage you to go crazy.
So, Mike and I raced. He won. 
I also timed him for a 40. (6.02)
Then, the shoes came off, 

and I started jumping around. 

Serious smiles all around.  


I really can NOT say enough about taking the tour at Candlestick
They're going to tear it down soon (tear), 
 but the Stick is one of those stadiums that any fan knows about. 
If you're in the SF area, and if you're a FOOTBALL fan, you have to check it out.
Tickets are reasonable, but can book quickly as tours are pretty small.  
The tour guide, Amanda, is definitely stellar. She has all the answers, even some you havent thought of the questions for yet. (Not like the crappy one we had in Charleston..)

The Niners are moving to San Jose in the next season, 
so all chances point to me claiming them as my new home team, 
but seriously, Candlestick did the trick.

(But, Cam and the Panthers will always -always- have my heart) 

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