Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Update

Another week and another short bit of snippets. 

When you have days that tend to drag, 
sometimes texts are exchanged that go something like this:
"Dinner or Happy Hour and Apps?"
"YES. Meet you in an hour"

Yet, because we live in California, you can get home in time to water the plants, in full sun. 
(Also, this seems to give Shiva a chance to chase down the crazy water)
(Also Also, horray for rainbows!)

We had set up a tour for AT&T Park. 
Gotta check out all the local sports teams before you make decisions, right? 

Can I just say, that the weather was -GORGEOUS-. 
San Francisco has approximately 4 days a year. 
We definitely scored on that. 

Psst. Their store has some pretty cute merch. 
I could'nt resist this though.

Then we got to the fun part. 
The Hills. 
No, not THAT "The Hills", the real San Fran - trying to kill the breaks and accelerator on my car because it's a silly Prius that can't handle that- Hills.  

We had a groupon for chicken sandwiches and tater tots. 
Because every adult needs tater tots. 
We also apparently missed the "we serve drinks DIY style with a half liter of bourbon"
Never fear dear parents, we didnt come close to finishing the booze. 

Mornings spent in the kitchen, barefoot, with champagne, are always a good idea.  
Forgetting you've scheduled a vendor meeting and sitting down to brunch at the exact same time, 
not such a good idea. 

Also, training your dog not to eat off your plate or beg, good idea. 
Having your dogs head the same height as your table, not such a good idea.  

She sure does have that beggar look down. 

Stay tuned for more pics of our ATT Park tour coming up soon!

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