Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Update

Instead of breaking it down by day, 
let me just say that this is an mini review
of our extra long weekend in Healdsburg, CA. 

We stayed at the Irish Rose Inn

and I almost stole the bed. 

Seriously though, Ive always wanted a canopy. 

Then, we started checking out the wineries.  

(I also tracked down some classic cars for Dad) 

I can honestly say that we learned a lot,
different grapes, varietals, soil changes, 
and even ancient vs new vines. The top ones are from the 1920, 
the lower ones are from the 1980s. 

We spent some time sitting by Dry Creek,  

before grabbing some beignets and heading home.  

I highly recommend Healdsburg. 
It's got a small town charm and feel with a little less crowd. 
Definitely not hurting in the wine department either. 


  1. oh I love Healdsburg! But I have to ask - not all of those pictures are from Healdsburg itself, right? Some look like different parts of Sonoma county. maybe I'm wrong :)

  2. We love Healdsburg when we visited! Such a great place!