Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekend Update

A pretty cool weekend, 
but light on the words, and pictures. 

After a trip to the DMV, 

and a full day of work, 
I met Mike for dinner and drinks in Sunnyvale.

We headed into San Francisco early in the morning. 
We stopped at Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem for brunch, 

brunch which included mimosas, bloody marys, and fernet shots. 

And yes, that was a chicken sandwich in a jelly doughnut.
When you see that on a menu, curiosity just wins. 

Then we headed over to Candlestick for a behind the scenes tour. 

Complete with frolicking. 

Come back tomorrow for more on our tour. 

After leaving the stadium, 
we headed out to Santana Row to window shop,
 buy more kitchen gadgets, and grab some grub. 

Sunday was a work day around here. 
Getting ready for the week, cleaning the house, 
helping Olive write a final paper, 
lazy bum

and trying to convince Shiva she's no longer a tiny puppy.  

I dont think she buys it. 

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