Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rok Star Dining

Last week, 
Mike and I wanted something NEW for dinner. 
We found our way to Rok

So, here's the deal:
Appetizers are various types of cheese fondue, 
entrees, we'll get to them, 
and desserts are various types of chocolate fondue. 

Let's just get into the food pictures. 

We started off with Garlic Herb Cheddar fondue. 
ALL of them are made tableside, so you really get a full show. 
Also, the anticipation of watching for the starter, 
definitely heightens your appetite. 

Fun fact, the apples in the cheese..SUPER good. 
As was the broccoli, but everyone knows broccoli and cheese is a good idea.  

They have a selections of meats, 
including the normal chicken, fish, filet, buffalo, 
along with the "wild game" section. 
Mike chose Elk ;)

So, they bring out a 750* Himalayan salt rock, 
with your raw meat, and you cut off little pieces and cook it yourself, 
on the stone, in about 20 seconds. 

To say we had fun is putting it mildly. 
We grilled the carrots and mashed potatoes too. 

we got the S'mores chocolate fondue. 
You know everything you need to know. 

Oh, and there was flaming rum to toast the marshmallow creme on top. 

It's definitely not the cheapest place, 
but to take friends, family or celebrate something, 
it's a big hit. 
I'm sure we'll be back. 

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